October 31, 2020

We can ask to suspend the status of Ayuso deputy for her aparthotel

Unidas Podemos has filed a complaint on Monday before the Madrid Assembly in which it asks to open a sanctioning file against the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, considering that the aparthotel where she has been staying since March 16 is “a gift”, and suggests as a sanction the suspension of their status as a deputy between 15 and 30 days.

In the complaint, to which Efe has had access, Unidas Podemos ensures that, although Ayuso has claimed to pay 80 euros a day for said aparthotel, the price indicated on the website of the Room Mate chain, owner of the property, is 121.79 euros per night, so the president would enjoy a “discount” of more than 1,200 euros per month.

And he adds that if, as some media outlets have reported, Ayuso were occupying a second apartment, the discount would be close to 5,000 euros per month.

United We can observe a “clear treatment of favor” towards the Madrid president by the owner of Room Mate, Kike Sarasola, and recalls that among the duties of the deputies provided by the Assembly Regulations is the prohibition of receiving “favors or services under advantageous conditions that may condition the development of its functions “.

The Regulation establishes that “due to the infractions committed by the deputies” their parliamentary status can be suspended for a period of 15 to 30 days and their proportionally reduced remuneration and budget allocation for their parliamentary group.

The competent body to hear this sanctioning file, once the Board of the Assembly classifies the complaint, is the Commission of Statute of Autonomy, Regulation and Statute of the Deputy, which is chaired by United We Can.

The Bureau of the Commission can carry out preliminary actions to determine whether it is justified to initiate the procedure and, if it deems it appropriate, submit a proposal to the Commission so that it decides, in secret session, whether to open the process.

In the event that the Commission ends up approving a sanction proposal, it must be submitted to the Assembly Table for its final resolution and execution.

In statements sent to Efe, the spokeswoman for Unidas Podemos, Isa Serra, maintains that Ayuso has received “a gift” and that in the PP “chains of favors” that lead to cases of corruption are common.

Serra adds that “who has to ensure that the ethical codes of the PP and the Community of Madrid are complied with” are those close to the president herself.

As published by Vanity Fair magazine, Ayuso has been installed since March 16 in a luxurious aparthotel in the center of the capital, owned by businessman Kike Sarasola.

Sources from the hotel chain informed Efe that the aparthotel is contracted within a “package” that includes building security services, parking, reception and the provision of a lounge in a second apartment.

In statements to Efe, Kike Sarasola estimated the total monthly cost of accommodation at 2,400 euros, since for a long stay the price per night is reduced to 80 euros.

Ayuso has denied that the aparthotel is “luxury”, that there are two or that it is “a bargain”, and stressed that the hotel company to which the accommodation belongs has not done “business” with the Community.


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