February 28, 2021

We can ask that the party stop being imputed in the cause that investigates its contract with Neurona

The legal representation of Podemos has asked the Madrid judge who is investigating his contract with the Neurona consultancy to revoke his status as investigated and the dismissal and definitive filing of the case regarding the party. In a letter addressed to the court headed by Juan José Escalonilla, the formation maintains that after the proceedings carried out it has not been possible to prove even “a single indication of alleged irregular financing” and denounces that this situation generates for the party “negative reputational effects and unjustified “.

We can defend before the judge that Neurona carried out the work that was paid for and disregards the use that it has given to those funds

We can defend before the judge that Neurona carried out the work that was paid for and disregards the use that it has given to those funds

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The party and several members of its leadership They have been charged in the case since last summer following a complaint filed by José Manuel Calvente, a lawyer who worked in the formation since its foundation and until he was fired a year ago. Podemos, as a legal person, has the status of investigated since he requested to appear in the investigations and attend Calvente’s statement, to which the judge agreed with the only legal figure possible in his case, that of investigated. The Prosecutor’s Office assured last October that “there are still no indications” of irregular financing, although it supported that the party continued to be charged as this figure was “more guaranteeing”.

In his letter, Podemos refers to the statement as a witness by Mónica Carmona, another lawyer for the party who was also dismissed in December 2019 and who, according to Calvente, would have investigated with him alleged irregularities in finances denounced by other Podemos workers. According to the defense of the party, Carmona “openly” contradicted Calvente’s complaint – where he expressly stated that there could be indications of an alleged crime of irregular financing – when he assured that he had not thought about that possibility.

“Did you see signs of irregular party funding in relation to Neurona?” Asked the training attorney. “At the time, I didn’t honestly think about it either. I observed that irregularity. Now, that from there the party was financed irregularly … because I could not reach conclusions either, “says the letter answered by the witness, who was the person in charge of regulatory compliance and, therefore, of preventing it from being produce irregular behaviors.

According to the party, Carmona has also not proven that no one was preventing him from exercising his surveillance and control functions, since he has not provided any supporting document that proves that he had expressly requested any document or information regarding the facts that he was allegedly investigating. In fact, according to the brief, to questions from the judge “it expressly recognized (…) that the internal protocols did indeed comply with the requirements established by criminal law” and by the party law.

In its letter, Podemos also assures that the result of the “alleged investigations” of Carmona is limited to “a search for news on the internet, rumors from unknown sources and commercial information obtained through Axesor six months after the start of their alleged suspicions. And remember that the lawyer did not use her powers to “stop operations” that “could constitute a crime”, nor did she raise “any objection” to the party’s accounts.


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