We can ask AIReF to be responsible and think more about pensioners

We can ask AIReF to be responsible and think more about pensioners

The deputy speaker of the Unidos Podemos parliamentary group, Ione Belarra, has urged the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF) to be responsible and put "in the center the life of pensioners and not only the financial sustainability" of the system of Social Security

Speaking to the media at the Congress, Belarra regretted that the latest AIReF report advocates increasing the period needed to calculate the pension (10 years) to 35 years and betting on measures to lengthen the average age of ordinary retirement in order to limit early early retirement, for example those that are 58 years old.

Belarra has argued that independent public agencies should "be responsible and guarantee the rights of pensioners who have claimed in the streets that their pensions are updated with the CPI" and said that this point should not be changed, but what should be propose are measures to sustain pensions.

In this sense, it has reiterated the proposal of Unidos Podemos to finance pensions through taxes and has stressed that it must be guaranteed that pensions rise with inflation.

Belarra has criticized that the labor reforms of 2010 and 2012 have been responsible for not having enough income to sustain pensions.

AIReF plans to link the increase in the amount of the pension to other indices besides the CPI, such as GDP, state income or social contributions.

Advocates a deepening of the parametric reforms of 2011, increasing the period necessary to calculate the pension and "universalizing" the ordinary retirement age to 67 years in 2027 and affirms that this would reduce pension expenditure on GDP in almost 1 point in 2048, while the effect on the coverage rate would be practically neutral.


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