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We can appoint a manager in Catalonia

We can will designate a manager in the next few days to pilot his match in Catalunya, as you may have known The vanguard. For this Thursday there is a meeting in Barcelona of a team from the secretary of state organization, in front of which is the Canarian deputy Alberto Rodriguez, with members of the regional direction.

All this has happened after 21 members of the autonomous citizen council (CCA) –As and how it advanced
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– request by letter to the state executive holding a autonomous citizen assembly to choose one new address in may, after the third citizen assembly of the purple party, Vistalegre III. They represent more than 60% of the organ after the resignations that have occurred these two years. Not only is Catalonia in that situation, there are several territories that will carry out internal processes in spring, such as Andalusia.

Thus, the state management will process the request of the members of the Catalan CCA and designate a technical team that will have to organize a primary in the face of the Catalan elections to be held in the coming months, as soon as the end of May or June, and also the celebration of the autonomous citizen assembly to elect another CCA and a new general secretary.

This is the third manager that Podem Catalunya will meet, who has had four different leaders in these six years and may have a fifth starting next spring.

The current address

Now occupies that position Noelia Bail, that won by only 19 votes and with 32% of the support to the Jaume Durall official candidate and I was already at the address at the time of Albano Dante-Fachin. He had also introduced himself to the previous primaries, in which Xavi Domènech won, and was not close to Pablo Iglesias or the leaders of the commons. However, in summer, when the leadership of the secretary general of Podemos was questioned after the failure in the first attempt to forge a coalition government with the PSOE, it did not align with the critical regional leaders with the secretary general purple, some of them in the orbit of Íñigo Errejón and Ramón Espinar.

In the year and a half leading the lilac party in Catalonia, Bail has had to deal with an always constant internal opposition due to the tensions that affect the formation in a cyclical way, as it is your relationship with the other parties in your space, the commons, or the governance agreements in the territory. After the municipal elections it was censored from some sectors that had turned the purple party into a crutch of the PSC and in 52 municipalities there was no confluence with the commons. In addition, the address that has accompanied him all this time was not his own. In fact, she was appointed general secretary, but in Podem a new collegiate address was not elected and inherited the CEC from the Domènech stage of the extraordinary citizen assembly of April 2018.

Rejection of the technical team

The waters were revolting for days in Podem. Although to date only the option of a manager imposed as a speculation and a rumor was considered after the step taken forward by 21 leaders, several circles have already shown their rejection of that scenario with releases and long messages in groups of the applications of Messenger service. One of the fears in the bases was the fact that the regional list is imposed from the state leadership. In fact, in the general elections Ada Colau was given freeway to prepare the lists to Congress and avoid frictions like that with Errejón, something that generated discomfort in Podem. But that situation is not anticipated.

In fact, in the purple aqueous environment par excellence, the one who vertebrates the life, Telegram, yesterday already shared a manifesto of support to the current leader of the party for which signatures and adhesions of the registered ones were requested. The document is promoted by the circle of feminisms and sexualities of Podem and shows its “absolute and unconditional” support for Bail and condemns “the harassment, patriarchal and unethical practices that certain members of the CCA are exercising over it”. “We want to express our utmost outrage at the Machiavellian plot that these people have started to dismiss during their period of maternity leave, demonstrating a lack of humanity and respect, at a time so vulnerable for women,” they add.

“They are violating their rights to political participation and their rights as a working mother, not respecting their period of breastfeeding or their subsequent incorporation to their job normally,” they add. But in the plans of Podemos, there is no option to deprive Bail of his prerogatives as general secretary even if the manager is appointed and will continue to receive the corresponding powers and with his discharge, as is due, until there is a new address in spring.

In this manifesto the technical team that we will designate can also be rejected. “We will not accept a manager that the bases we have not requested and we do not want,” concludes the manifesto that aims to launch the game.

Beyond that, several circles pointed out when they heard the request for an internal process by the 21 members of the CCA that there are no “political reasons” that justify it, and they regretted that the letter was not “consulted, agreed or shared with the territory ”before being reissued to the secretary of state organization. The militants of these circles also claim primaries as soon as possible in the face of the Catalan electoral process and that the Podem brand be maintained with its identity differentiated from the commons. Other sectors of the party celebrate the convening of a citizen assembly in May, but also reject what they consider an imposition of a technical team.

Some of these discontents question the fact that a year and a half has not passed since the constitution of the current address, because Bail was in charge of the game in September 2018, but it has passed that minimum period marked by the party’s statutes since the CCA was established. That is why there are those who understand that the necessary time to initiate a revocation of the internal governing bodies has not yet passed.

In Podem they have not liked the ways of the 21 members of the CCA, but they would not object to that manager provided that the internal plurality of the party is respected and that it does not serve as a pretext to circumvent the open primaries that should illuminate a list for the Catalan elections . A list that must then be assembled with the common ones to repeat the confluence in Common Podem. In the commons primary process it will be decided who is the head of the list and for now only Jéssica Albiach has appeared, its current president of the parliamentary group and also registered in Podemos. In the parliamentary group the deputies of Podem are not close to Bail and there are those who see in the maneuver an attempt to perpetuate themselves in the lists.

The future of Podem

After several years of successive tensions over organic issues, the you process and the relationship with its partners, the management of Podem advocates a time of “peace” and “tranquility”, both in internal voting and in the relationship with the commons. There are sectors that advocate organic fusion or dissolution in the Catalunya space in Comú. Others reject that scenario flat and advocate maintaining their own party at an organic level.

But there are also intermediate positions. In the current direction there are those who admitted the need to find a fit with the commons or a stable alliance formula that allows to face the elections and the relationship of the day to day avoiding unnecessary tensions. One possibility would be to create a sort of permanent coordination executive that ensures the cohesion of the two parties and there are those who go further and ask that it be done in the image of what the ICV-EUiA alliance was in the past.

In addition, after the march of Errejón and the foreseeable departure of Anticapitalistas de Podemos, the purple party intends to strengthen ties with the commons, United Left or Galicia in Common in the coming months Podemos and its confluences will hold a political summit next Saturday, February 22 which will be attended in principle by its ministers and the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, a meeting called to show strength after entering the Government.

Therefore, whoever assumes the leadership of Podem should address the badly closed debate since the time of Dante-Fachin on the relationship with the commons, which has already been reopened in the Domènech stage and has always been in the background. Nihil Novum Sub Sole.

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