March 6, 2021

We can already look to September for the coalition before the "setback" of the PSOE

United Podemos parliamentary spokesperson, Irene Montero, is confident that if an agreement for the investiture of Pedro Sanchez is not possible after the "setbacks" of the PSOE's programmatic offer, in September a coalition government can be agreed to with the formation dwelling.

Montero has described the proposal of the Socialists as "a document of cut and paste" of the electoral program of the PSOE, which also suffers from "setbacks" because it does not even include measures that United We can already agreed to the frustrated general budgets of the State with the objective to regulate the price of rents, lower the electricity bill or shield pensions.

Speaking at the Summer Courses of the Complutense University, in the town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial Madrid, the deputy criticized that the PSOE has provided the press with this document before delivering it to the leader of United Podemos on Tuesday, Pablo Iglesias , in the meeting that will maintain this noon in the Congress with the socialist candidate and president of the Government in functions, Pedro Sanchez.

He announced that Iglesias is going to move Sanchez his own proposal and, although he has been optimistic and has proclaimed "I hope he is convinced", he immediately pointed out that "if it is not so" it will be in September when "we will negotiate a coalition government ", which is the formula that has always defended United We can, already in a second investiture session.

Montero has said that "people are very sick" that there is no progress in the investiture for the "negotiating inability of those who have to lead the agreements," that is, the PSOE, a party that has called for replanting its "immovable position "with its commitment to a monocolor government.

With the "clear setbacks", he insisted, containing his programmatic offer, has warned that the PSOE risks a "failed investiture" on the 22nd because it changes the "negotiation and agreement" that Spaniards ask for "threats and pressures so that almost anyone "makes Pedro Sánchez president and also" monopolizing all the armchairs. "

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