We can, after the sentence to Rato: "We applaud that those who stole money have what they deserve" | Economy

The sentence to four and a half years in prison for Rodrigo Rato for the cards black in Caja Madrid and Bankia that this Wednesday has confirmed the Supreme Court has already provoked the first political reactions. Pablo Iglesias, secretary general of Podemos, has criticized in his Twitter account the plundering of the visas, which were opaque for the Treasury, with an estimated cost of more than 12.5 million euros between 2003 and 2012: " Remember when the PP said that Rato 'has been the best Minister of Economy and Finance of the Spanish democracy'? After the speech of the 'great managers' of Genoa hide the plunder of a few and austeric recipes for the social majority " .

The training that runs Churches He has reacted on social networks shortly after his secretary general did it: "The citizens demanded in the 15-M justice for those who robbed of public money, for those who swindled thousands of families, for which they indebted us for We applaud that some of its leaders, like Rodrigo Rato, have at least a part [de] what they deserve. "His secretary of Organization, Pablo Echenique, has written on Twitter that those who steal from the people are" scoundrels and vultures ":" The same day that the IMF president says that decent pensions put the system at risk, this former president of the IMF [en referencia a Rato] goes to jail for thief. Those who endanger the system are the scoundrels and vultures who steal the people from whom the IMF says nothing. "

Izquierda Unida, who attended the last general election with the formation of the house, held on July 26, 2016, has also dedicated a few words to the high court ruling on its Twitter account: "El Supremo confirms Rodrigo Rato's conviction four and a half years in prison. economic miracle of the PP, which was nothing other than the prelude to the bubble and the crisis / scam ".

The co-founder of UPyD, Rosa Díez, has also said in social networks that "it seems that Rato goes to the trullo for the black"."Good appetizer for the Bankia trial. Recall that there, with Rato, were all: UGT, CC OO, PSOE, PP, IU ... Who went for them and we sit on the bench are at home. Poetic justice, "added the UPyD export spokesman.a firm sentence imposed on Rato implies, in principle, his entry into prison in the coming days, although it will be the National Court which will now have to execute the sentence handed down by the Supreme Court. UPyD has also published a message in this regard: "It was in 2012 when we filed the lawsuit against the Bankia leadership, including Rodrigo Rato, six years later, and after a long and difficult journey, we can say it loud and clear: we got it!" . At the moment, PP - party to which Rato belonged, PSOE and Citizens have not said anything about the sentence.

The high court has kept the sentence to Rato, former vice president of the Government of Spain with José María Aznar, former director of the IMF and former president of Bankia, and has confirmed almost all the penalties of the ruling issued by the National Court in February 2017, which They oscillate between four months and four and a half years taxes on the former president of the bank. The Supreme It has confirmed the commission of the crime of misappropriation of 63 former directors and ex-members of the Caja's Board of Directors, who benefited from these opaque cards for the Treasury. Everybody They used the black for personal use knowing that it was an illegal practice and that they caused a breach to the patrimony of the financial institution.


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