July 24, 2021

“We ask that you allow yourself to be helped and act”

VIDEO | Illa, to Ayuso: “We ask that you allow yourself to be helped and act”

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, met this Monday afternoon with the Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, “to address the prevention measures implemented against COVID-19 in the Community of Madrid”. There has been no agreement between the two parties and the minister appeared later, after 7:00 p.m. in La Moncloa, together with the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón. They have again called on the Community to rectify. “We ask the president of the Community of Madrid to be helped and act,” he appealed directly to Isabel Díaz Ayuso. “We are already late and we must act with determination (…) If we do not take control we will have to take much tougher measures,” he added.

The meeting between Illa and Escudero is the first they have held since Thursday, after the minister publicly stated on Friday that the central government does not agree with the measures that the Community of Madrid finally decided to take after a week of coordination between both administrations. Illa defended that Madrid should adopt all restrictive measures in the capital and in localities with an incidence greater than 500 cases detected per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, but the regional government limited it to an incidence of 1000 and only 45 health areas . The Ministry also recommended the reduction of capacity and the elimination of bar bars throughout the region, something also only applied to those 45 areas. Everything that he advises must be established “immediately”, Illa insisted on Monday. Yesterday, Sunday, Illa said that he expected the Ayuso executive to rectify in the next few hours or they would act “accordingly.”

The minister has said that “we await a response” in the COVID-19 group that brings together the technical teams of both administrations tomorrow, but has not specified if they will change anything in the strategy. It has also avoided giving the specific deadline given to the Community of Madrid, or clarifying whether it will be debated tomorrow in the Council of Ministers. The Government has several options if the Community wants to intervene, although all have legal complications: the state of alarm only over the territory, Article 155 of the Constitution, the Public Health Law, or resorting to the decree of ‘new normality’ that it approved in June.

“I am going to speak to you as the Minister of Health and as a concerned person,” Illa began to speak. It has gone on to relate the data of the Community of Madrid, “from data and from science.” “In the Community of Madrid there is community transmission, it should not be taken as a game. And the pandemic is not controlled,” he continued. He has gone on to report the data: 13,449 more cases since Friday, “the highest number of the CAM in this second wave, 1,458 more cases than the previous weekend”, and 223 deaths this week, the previous 180. “When one going to the doctor wants to be told the truth, and the truth is what I have told them, “he has settled.

Regarding the unification of criteria to take measures based on specific thresholds, something that leaders of the Popular Party have spoiled him, Illa has mentioned, as another piece of information, that “the positivity [el porcentaje de PCR que dan positivo del total al que se hacen] national average is 11.5%. The Community with the most positivity is Madrid “, with 20.5%.” The situation in Spain is highly variable and therefore the actions must also be highly variable. “” Madrid is a special case in the sense that it has some specificities that do not occur in other autonomous communities of density and mobility, “he also remarked. Last week, Ayuso also argued that it would not be” fair “for the region he presides to be treated the same as others, due to its different characteristics.


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