March 6, 2021

We are willing to assume the position of the PSOE for Catalonia, according to El País

Pablo Iglesias will transfer to Pedro Sánchez on Tuesday, in the new round of contacts for his inauguration, that Unidas Podemos is willing to assume the PSOE's strategy for Catalonia and its foreign policy, but that it maintains its request to be part of the Council of Ministers, according to El País.

In its digital edition, El País states that the direction of Podemos is committed not to defend the holding of a referendum on self-determination in Catalonia and that it would have no problems in closing this and other demands in writing.

"We do not have red lines, we understand, by the weight of the votes, that the leadership within the Government in the Catalan question must have the PSOE, we are going to be loyal", according to the sources of the "dome of We can".

The main argument of the PSOE to justify a government alone is the attrition that would provoke a coalition executive with contradictory positions, if not openly confronted, on capital issues such as the territorial conflict in Catalonia, the newspaper said.

The new round of contacts initiated by Pedro Sánchez on Tuesday with the political parties takes place two weeks after the first vote for his inauguration as president of the Government.

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