May 29, 2020

"We are where we have always been"

The third vice president of the Congress, Ana Pastor, argues that the PP will maintain the same ideological discourse without the rise of Vox anticipated by the polls will mean a hardening of their positions: "We are where we have always been."

With these words, the "number two" of the PP list to Congress in Madrid has also answered a question about the position that the leader of his party, Pablo Casado, will hold tonight in the television debate at five to face to the electoral ascent of the formation of Santiago Abascal.

Before participating in a meeting of the Bureau of the Permanent Delegation, Ana Pastor said that Casado will try to explain to the Spaniards that the "only alternative" to the Government of Pedro Sánchez is the Popular Party.

And this because from the PP, he said, "we have a political project for Spain to continue improving and have jobs and opportunities for all."

He also stressed that his party, with Casado at the helm, is convinced that "there are many things that unite us with the Spaniards", and that in the PP project "they will find that union of efforts of all".

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