September 26, 2020

“We are up to the very heart of the coronavirus; now is not the time to dedicate a song to it” – La Provincia

Faced with the complicated task of describing Arstides Moreno, he had better do it himself: an unidentified corporeal entity that moves at almost the speed of light and through space-time. So, accepting his challenge to the theory of relativity, it is not implausible to imagine him sharing the scene with Aristophanes, father of Greek comedy, who, like him, understood it as a festive procession with song and dance. The trajectory of the musician from Gran Canaria, who sometimes recalls an Atlantic Quixote, a mix between Bob Marley, Kiko Veneno and Albert Pla distilled in the outermost periphery, has been anything but normal.

Considered by critics as one of the most prominent Spanish pop artists of recent years, respected and loved by the public, his songs are not just dance compositions, with choruses and catchy melodies. His lyrics refer both to an island context, for which you must have certain prior information if you want to understand them in their entirety, as well as to the universal one. Inventing terms and characters that have penetrated the popular language, such as the ‘horcón boy’ or the corsair of the biosphere, he adds five albums and threatens to launch a new work next year.

After his premature retirement from the stage in 2017, he decides to return when the music scene is more complicated, in the midst of a pandemic. After four concerts with the 101 Grass Band, he had to put the brakes on due to the coronavirus. Although the circumstances and statistics do not allow us to venture if we will be able to see him again live and direct in the next concerts that he had programmed in Tenerife and La Gomera, we can assure that on September 4, at 8:00 p.m., he will perform in the ‘online’ version of the ‘Enchanted Patios’ initiative promoted by the León y Castillo de Telde House-Museum, a center dependent on the Ministry of Culture of the Gran Canaria Council.

When you work with the public, with people, it is difficult. I have always said that I am more about concerts than records, although when we recorded I tried to involve those who were there, because energy is transformed and arrives, even through the screens.

As you take?

Well, I try to get everything right. The rules are fatal, especially when there are inconsistencies in the orders or those who order are incoherent. In some things, you want to be disobedient, although one has social and personal responsibility and I always in closed spaces or short distances I try to have a mask on.

What squeaks?

I believe that the rulers either do not know well what they are doing or they know it so well that they do what they want. We have forgotten what confinement was for and that has gone to a fiftieth plane. The more PCR you do, the worse it is. € These are personal reflections, not opinions. Care must depend on each one, as when I speak of the meter and a half of the electromagnetic field. Right now my restrictions are basic, out of respect for other people.

What do we do with fears?

Fear is free and the main one is to die, but people do not realize that we are all going to die. What can we do? Well, try to communicate it, communicate your fear, and thus we will dissipate it. I always say: evil of many, remedy of all. When you have too much information, the nervous system becomes blocked and you realize that it is not real. There are people who tell you, “this is to avoid accidents”, no, but look at accidents are inevitable, if not, they would not be accidents. It’s like some advertising, the same technique. It is evident that the Covid is there, that between March and April many people lost their lives, but then if you look at the statistics and the real data, maybe we are passing, right? All these things can confuse us and I feel that this is what is happening. You have to understand, but ignorance has to be respected, damn it! I see many people insult themselves, ah, the sheep! Both the ‘with’ and the ‘without’ masks.

You have to sing more €

Yes, it is very important and even if you don’t know how to sing, also, because singing you breathe. Your body does an exercise of repositioning energy, because you release, place your back, neck € and sing loudly whenever possible. Breathing disconnects us, it is necessary, it clears your space.

As a father of two children, how do you see going back to school?

Let’s see, why come back in this crazy way € I don’t know, from my personal point of view, the boys better go back to school in January and we reformulate everything. But, that’s why I tell you, it can’t be so much incoherence, that on the one hand they put us in a plane glued arm to arm and then the showers cannot be used, for me it is all nonsense. I feel that they ask us for a mask, being outdoors, social distance, etc., and you put the kids in some classes, which, in addition, they cannot manage all this €

Your children are teenagers € it is not easy to deal with all this.

Clear! I’m 48 years old and it’s hard for me, imagine them. I also tell you, agüita! with staff that is better prepared than many of those who call themselves adults. That underground attack on the young, the bottles, you forgive me, but I have seen them and they were not exactly young. They are giving us the percentages of young people who have Covid, the percentage of immigrants who either have the virus, or are only in quarantine (which is not the same as having it) and I wonder what the percentage of tourists? Where is? Because it is an important factor. I feel that this is the mess that we all have, there is no clarity in the information.

Let’s go back to music, what are we going to listen to in ‘Patios Encantada’ online?

I have been working with various dynamics; some concerts are more festive and others more emotional. The place was quite cold and it was also at eleven o’clock, I was stretching almost at the end, but what it is about is to move people and that is the energy that will arrive. I try to be clean, healthy and well so that people can get that feeling.

In Black Economy, you were already talking about the economic crisis, now is the health service?

Crisis, welcome to the newcomers! I’ve been in crisis all my life. People are afraid that things will change for them, it is normal for them to be afraid, for them to feel it, because no one has taught them to manage that emotion. People ask me to write a Covid song, but I think we are up to the coronavirus, now is not the time and you can talk about other things.

New CD?

I started the year with the 101 Grass Band, and we had to stop, but it is a project that continues and we are going to extend it, because there is a precious ‘feeling’, but there are many of us on stage, we will have to maintain certain distances. The first thing is to record these concerts and if the conditions are given as they have to be and can be, for next year I will present mine.

The penalties are singing, watching movies € working

It is necessary to look for formulas of solution of emergency, now; The problem is that when we only go to what is urgent and we do not go to what is important, we neglect what is important and then it becomes urgent. Through the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and some town councils we have been able to solve the situation during these months and I want to expressly thank them. I am now in that rethinking of how it is done. I think there may be concerts and they may be different. Many people tell me “we are not going to return as before”, I tell them of course we are! We will be back! Because we are going to need it, by overflowing. This situation is what it is and life will continue, even if we are not on this planet, which, by the way, do you know that our presence here is due to the contamination of cyanobacteria?


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