March 2, 2021

“We are the left that knows that heaven is on earth”

Pedro Sánchez vindicates the socialists as the left. At a time when the tension with United We Can has increased again coinciding with the final stretch of the Catalan election campaign, the president vindicates the PSOE as the architect of social progress. “Socialism is the left with experience, but that does not mean that we do not have dreams – the president has expressed in an act of the PSC in Barcelona -. It is a modernizing left that is identified with the advances, that knows that heaven is here in the earth, that paradise is a public school (…), a living wage, a woman who can return home safely “. “That is the heaven to which we aspire,” said the socialist leader, using heaven as a reference along the same lines as Pablo Iglesias did a few years ago when he assured that “heaven is not taken by consensus, it is taken by assault” .

Salvador Illa: "I do not propose to govern with ERC because I do not share their project"

Salvador Illa: “I do not propose to govern with ERC because I do not share their project”

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The PSC has organized an event with women in which Socialist candidates, mayors and councilors have been present and in which Esther Piqueras (mother of Carme Cahcón), Eulalia Lluch (number 16 on the list for Girona) and Manuela de Madre have participated , in addition to José Luis Ábalos, Salvador Illa and Sánchez himself, who has taken the opportunity to vindicate the legacy left by the PSOE in the fight for equality. He recalled that the Council of Ministers that formed the last legislature had more men than women and that it was the PSOE that created the Ministry of Equality, today in the hands of United We Can and starring in a confrontation with the socialist part of the cabinet regarding the trans law. “The PSOE is the party for women’s rights and freedoms.”

Sánchez has praised the candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat. “The Catalans, regardless of what they have voted, know that any real possibility of change happens yes or yes through Salvador Illa,” said the socialist leader, who aspires to fight for the first position. “His adversaries on the left and right know , with flags of all colors. They go against solutions, the future, they want no one to change because they live from the conflict and, seeing the salaries, they have lived very well, “he said, winking at Illa’s promise that the salary will be lowered if he is president, since it is higher than that of the president of the central government.

Illa, to the women: “If you put the vote, I will put the change”

Illa, for her part, has launched a Citizens’ vote. The PSC aspires to collect a good part of the collapse of those of Inés Arrimadas, who won the elections in 2017. “He sent a message to all who voted for change. I formally ask you to vote, I am coming back to stay, we can make this Sunday a reality a change that works, if we can win the independence movement and send it democratically to the opposition’s corner of thought ”, said the former minister, who is committed to leaving behind the“ frustration, resignation and division ”that, in his opinion, the governments have caused independentists.

The PSC candidate has promised that his Government will be equal, like the Executive of Sánchez, and has appealed directly to the female vote, which in all elections is essential for the Socialists. “Only if women mobilize will change be possible. If you put the vote, I will put the change,” said Illa.

Illa has also been sheltered by the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE and Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, who has taken advantage of his intervention to praise his spirit. “Salvador’s great strength, which is what makes others nervous, is that he is how he looks. With so much posture, so much imposture and theatricality to observe an authentic person is a real merit.” But Ábalos has gone a step further and has turned his compliments into a veiled attack on ERC and Junts, whose candidates are not Oriol Junqueras or Carles Puigdemont. “You are not an interposed, you do not come to play the role to anyone, or to wait for the messiah to come,” he has ironized. “You are the real candidate and that is why you are going to be the real president. in the environment”.

“Everyone is seeing what they are losing,” said Ábalos, who has assured that ERC is aware of whether he loses with respect to the polls that place him in first position; Junts “caught up in the impossible”; the PP “path of irrelevance looking to the extreme right”; and Citizens “thinking about the size of the defeat.”


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