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"We are the last resort for vulnerable people" | Society

"We are the last resort for vulnerable people" | Society

They condemn the bullying, but they insult colleagues, without identifying it as harassment. They criticize sexist violence, but their boyfriends force them to give them their passwords of the networks and they see it as something normal. They do not recognize themselves as victims, nor when they are aggressors. The NGO Integration for Life (Inpavi) works with adolescents to prevent and stop violence. This and nine other initiatives have been awarded in the fifth edition of the Awards for Social Innovation, which has delivered this Thursday the Obra Social La Caixa.

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They presented their candidacy 460 projects. The jury chose 10, of which more than 10,000 people have benefited. Sometimes, these organizations are the last resort of those who are excluded. "You make effective the rights of vulnerable people," said the Minister of Health, Maria Lusa Carcedo, this Thursday during the delivery ceremony. "Innovation has to serve people," stressed Jaume Giró, general director of the La Caixa Banking Foundation. The entities will receive 15,000 euros. It has also been granted an accéssit, recognition of second category, of 5,000 euros. These are some of the projects:

Value yourself

The NGO Inpavi works with families at risk of exclusion for more than a decade. "Both adolescents who exercise violence and those who suffer violence are valued little. We help them do it through art. Hence the name of the project ", explains Eva Pascual, of Inpavi. They work in their headquarters, with a group of 50 kids, and also in high schools. His delegation has been awarded in Granada, where the project started a year ago. They have detected anorexia; bullying, in person and through networks; macho violence; sexting -Send of sexual messages- even in children of 10 years. "We also meet with families. A comprehensive action, "says Laura Chaparro, one of the workshop technicians. "We listen to you and propose games. We address the issues with music, theater ... We notice a change in them, "he says.

Houses for victims of trafficking

The organization Hijas de la Caridad has 21 homes in Zaragoza to give a home to those who have been left with nothing. They welcome refugees, victims of trafficking or vulnerable people. "One of the floors is for troubled people who have thrown out of the shelters. We are your last resort ", explains Nieves García, one of the people in charge of the project. "They have obligations and must meet objectives ... We give them courses in cooking or sewing, for example. They must do their part. The ultimate goal is that they can find housing and work for themselves, "says Garcia. Yoli was one of the beneficiaries. "I was pregnant and very vulnerable. He had been the victim of trafficking and thanks to his cooperation with the National Police it was possible to dismantle a network of women's exploitation, "he says.

Reconciliation and employment

"We work with single-parent families. They have many difficulties to train and find work because they have no support to take care of their children, "says Teresa Arranz, coordinator of the project of the Association of Development Molinos and the NGO Networks in Madrid. "The participants are usually immigrants, without a family network," he adds. The initiative started in 2015. They facilitate access to social aid and the creation of support groups among them. Some 100 people have already participated in courses to handle food or help at home. Among them, Silvia Eliza Eguez, mother of two children who suffered macho violence. "It's not just training, but also moral and psychological support," says this woman, who arrived in Spain from Bolivia 13 years ago. They told him about the project in social services. "My situation was very precarious. Thanks to the courses I found employment, "he says. He still maintains the links with his companions. "We meet and support each other to take care of the children," he concludes.

The award-winning initiatives

Among the winners are projects that promote the integration of people with schizophrenia in Madrid, use the virtual reality 4D with patients in palliative care in Tarragona or give training to care for the elderly in Bilbao. They have also been awarded an association that promotes the creation of neighborhood networks in Barcelona, ​​an initiative that seeks families that welcome children under tutelage during vacations in Seville and Huelva, a project that promotes intercultural education in Barcelona and another that resolves conflicts for families. with children at risk of exclusion in Bilbao. The runner-up has been for an organization that gives medicines to vulnerable people in Barcelona.


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