"We are the cry of those who are no longer there"

Thousands of women have gathered this Friday night at Puerta del Sol in Madrid to condemn the rise in sexist violence. They have done so in an "emergency" protest called after the murder and kidnapping of the girls of Tenerife Olivia and Anna, aged six and one, at the hands of their father, and the murder at the hands of his ex-partner from Rocío Caíz, the 17-year-old girl who had been missing since June 2.

The ex-boyfriend of the minor disappeared in Seville confesses that he murdered her

The ex-boyfriend of the minor disappeared in Seville confesses that he murdered her

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"I have a 15-month-old daughter and it makes my hair stand on end to think that it would have happened to me." These are Marta's words, she has attended the rally dressed in black and brings candles with her. While he talks to elDiario.es, the rest of the attendees arrive and at the same time they mount the main banners they begin to chant slogans: "Judges and prosecutors are also guilty", "They are not deaths, they are murders", "We are the cry of those that are no longer there. "

After 22:00 at night, the Madrid square was already overflowing with people.

The protest has been repeated before town halls or large squares throughout Spain. Under slogans such as #LoVamosATirar, #NiUnaMenos or #SiTocanAUnaNosTocanATodas, the Feminist Movement has called on women to demonstrate "in rejection of all femicides."

In the Canary Islands, Hundreds of people have seconded the various calls. Crowds of people and institutions have been silent during the morning in memory of the two minors. In the afternoon, the streets have been filled with banners, proclamations and protests in the face of what is not "an isolated event", but a sample of the most "terrifying" violence, as Ana Hernández, spokesperson for Platform 8M, has assured .

About 300 people have also gathered in Toledo. "We want to tear down the foundations that allow and protect us and our creatures from being murdered" or "we have been saying for some time that minutes of silence are not enough, that we need measures and strategies that protect us, real and with a budget, that this symbolic gesture no use ", are some of the slogans that have been intoned.

Since the end of the state of alarm, on May 9, there have been more than half of the sexist murders so far in 2021, according to the Government Delegation against Gender Violence, which has confirmed the murder of ten women by their partners or ex-partners and that of two minors in the last two months.

In total, since January 18 women and three minors have been murdered in gender crimes. Since 2003, when they began to be officially counted, 1,096 women were fatal victims of sexist violence in the sphere of the couple.


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