"We are seeing that Casado has always told the truth"

The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the Popular Party, Pablo Montesinos, assured this Wednesday that, with the confirmation of the Community of Madrid that Isabel Díaz Ayuso's brother received 283,000 euros from his friend's company, it is "proving" that Pablo Casado "has always told the truth." Ayuso's team recognized this Thursday in a message sent to a group of journalists that the president's brother charged 283,000 euros from Priviet Sportive - the company that took a contract of 1.5 million euros in masks - for different jobs for the company.

Casado rushes his days as president of a PP intervened by some barons who pressure Feijóo

Casado rushes his days as president of a PP intervened by some barons who pressure Feijóo

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Montesinos, asked about this information in LaSexta, has assured that Casado "did what he had to do" and that "he did it through the correct channels." "In the end, what is happening and what we are verifying is that the president [del PP] He has always told the truth and did what he had to do, which was ask.

The figure that the team of the president of the Community of Madrid recognizes that Tomás Díaz Ayuso received is very similar to the one that Casado had given a week before in an interview on Cadena Cope when he assured that it was 286,000 euros and spoke of a possible crime of "influence peddling". Casado then also insinuated that Daniel Alcázar, a friend of Tomás Díaz Ayuso and owner of the company, could have acted as a "front man" for the brother of the Madrid president by having used her company as an intermediary to be able to contract with the Community of Madrid.

The words of Casado, who has never revealed where those bank and tax data came from to the PP, had an immediate response from Ayuso herself. The Madrid leader entered the same radio program minutes later and assured that she did not know where the president of her party had gotten that figure, amounts that she said she did not know.

"When we receive information, the president [del PP] he speaks face to face, in private, with the person with whom he had to speak and asks for information, to tell him what has happened", explained Montesinos. According to him, "the banner of transparency and exemplary" in this case it is that of Casado."He can hold his head high because he has done what he had to do."

"I've been disappointed with some people"

The deputy secretary of Communication has assured in the interview that "there are people who have behaved badly" and that he has felt "disappointed" with some of his colleagues, although he has not wanted to give those people their first and last names. "I think there are people who have behaved badly, but it is human. And I understand that other people do not understand it. I have felt disappointed with some people."

When asked if he will leave politics when Casado leaves, after the extraordinary congress in April, Montesinos has stated that he will be "until the end" with the current president of the PP and has insisted that it was he who opened the doors of the game three years ago. "I understand politics with Casado."

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