"We are ready to talk, but the government will see if it wants ERC" which does not give anything for free

The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, has declared today that her political training is ready to speak with Pedro Sánchez, "but the Government will see if it wants ERC," a party "that never gives anything for free," stressing that it is bad news. that the Government of Spain depends on the independentistas. He has also indicated that the Prime Minister has not informed him that he wants to extend the state of alarm for a month, clarifying that if done, it should be only for 15 days and explaining the reasons very well.

"The Government is not giving public explanations of what it is going to do and Pedro Sánchez has not asked me for 30 days. I believe that if it is done, it should be 15 days and explaining the conditions very well. I will not give more explanations that the Government itself and then the others will decide and position ourselves ", he argued in an interview in Telecinco collected by Europa Press.

As for the new approach of the Government to ERC, Arrimadas has indicated that "it is bad news that it depends on the nationalist parties, but it is clear that if it does it it is because Sánchez wants to." "Everything that Citizens can do to prevent ERC or Podemos from setting the course for the country will be positive," he explained.

The leader of Ciudadanos has pointed out that the situation of the pandemic is still very complicated, with five days in which the deceased have risen again and that is why it is necessary to be very clear and wait for things.


Arrimadas considers the agreement he reached with the popular to go together in the next Basque regional elections valid, highlighting the good relationship he has with the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, with whom today he will review all the issues before giving to light.

As for the problems between PP and Cs in the community of Madrid, Arrimadas has limited himself to saying that the Madrid government has had a difficult situation with this pandemic, but we must pay attention to what is important.

"The coalition governments between citizens and the PP are working very well. I do not get into where Mrs. Diaz Ayuso lives because from the documents presented I see that this has not entailed any type of expenses for the people of Madrid," he clarified.


As for whether Madrid should go to phase 1 of the de-escalation, he considers that "the worst is the uncertainty and that there are no clear criteria when it comes to passing the phase." "Going to phase 1 with masks seems reasonable to me because we can't have families strangled any longer," he added.

He insisted that citizens have to have time to organize and that it is necessary to combine "continue saving lives and save jobs", with proposals such as the one in Madrid to reinforce the prevention of contagion with the mandatory use of masks


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