"We are not gold coins," says the Cardinal of Nicaragua before the attack on a bishop

The Cardinal of Nicaragua, Leopoldo Brenes, said today that the members of the Episcopate are not "gold coins", in response to the attack of discredit denounced by the bishop of the archdiocese of Managua, Silvio Báez, from groups related to the Government.

"We are not gold coins, some see us well, others see us badly," Brenes replied, when asked by journalists.

Báez recently denounced being "the victim of a smear campaign" that includes the dissemination of "manipulated" audios, which contain messages against the government and President Daniel Ortega, and which are attributed to the priest.

The differences between the Government of Nicaragua and the church come in the midst of a crisis that, according to humanitarian organizations, has left between 325 and 528 dead since April, plus 558 "political prisoners" in protests against Ortega, who recognizes 199 victims and more of 200 prisoners who he affirms are "terrorists" and "golpistas".

Relations between the government and the church were broken on July 9, when an official group physically assaulted the Episcopate, who in its capacity as mediator of the national dialogue to overcome the crisis, had asked Ortega for an advance of the elections of 2021 to overcome the conflict through peaceful means.

"It hurt me that the bishops had the attitude of coup leaders," Ortega explained on July 19, during the celebration of the 39th anniversary of the Nicaraguan revolution.

Cardinal Brenes insisted that "we must learn to respect ourselves", and that the solution to the crisis is in a national dialogue, which Ortega has refused to return to.

The crisis erupted on April 18 due to failed social security reforms and became a demand for the resignation of Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, due to the mortal balance in the demonstrations.


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