"We are more united than the central executive"

This is how the leader of Ciudadanos has pronounced in an interview in La Sexta, collected by Europa Press, after some PP voices criticized the agreement reached by the 'orange' formation with the Pedro Sánchez government to support the extension of the state alarm.

In this sense, Arrimadas has valued the alliance between PP and Citizens in the regional governments of Madrid, Castilla y León, Murcia and Andalusia, which, in his opinion, have proven to be "stronger" than the central Executive himself.

"Those who would be glad that this were not so, I tell them that they will be left with the desire," said Arrimadas, who has often defended the work of the Madrid Executive particularly after the controversy of this last week.

In this regard, Arrimadas considers that the decision to send the Central Government the request to pass Phase 1 responds to a "worked proposal" by the Community of Madrid and has appealed to seek a harmony between saving lives and "saving jobs" .


With respect to expanding agreements with the Government, the leader of Ciudadanos has indicated that her formation will vote for royal executive decrees if they consider that they are positive for the Spanish and serve to save lives and jobs.

However, he has not clarified whether Citizens is willing to agree with the Government on General State Budgets (PGE) after the agreement last Wednesday, something that Arrimadas has stressed was support for the extension of the state of alarm and not for the Government.

"The government knows what I think, I even tried to avoid confirming it with 'route 221'", the leader of Ciudadanos has maintained after receiving some criticism from the PP and even some casualties in her own party such as that of the former deputy Juan Carlos Girauta.

Regarding the latter's assessments, Arrimadas has assured that he values ​​criticism more than praise and has insisted that his training works to save lives and not to make electoral calculations.


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