Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

“We are more unfaithful since the crisis”

He has revolutionized the debates of Italian televisions with his book in which he relates the devaluation of fidelity with the economic crisis and the habits it has generated. “Since the disaster that began in 2008 the priorities of some generations have varied. When everything is immediate, there is no future or way to pay it, one does not think in ‘couple’ format but in him as an individual being that relates freely, without commitment, to other beings with whom he maintains love and sex relationships“, He says.

Regular contributor to Corriere della Sera , his books have been translated all over the world. Marco Missiroli was born in Rimini and lives in Milan, city where it is set Fidelity
(Duomo Editions), with which he has won the Strega Young Award. The story of Carlo and Margherita is that of a couple of young people that we could consider happy until one day comes “is not what it seems” or the misunderstanding as they call their slip, their disagreement.

“I am convinced that this degree of infidelity among young people will increase their level of unhappiness”

A phrase by Philip Roth delves us into the argument: “Thus we know that we are alive, because we are wrong.” Fidelity It is based on that space where error gives vitality to the human. Missiroli acknowledges that it coincides with the protagonist in indecision: do you stay in marriage or out of range? Are you an impostor or a writer? “I am in the gray,” ditch.

Doubt and precariousness is what erodes the couple. “The sentimental destruction began before the millennials and has kept pace with the crisis, we are more unfaithful ever since. In four years we saw that that had upset us. The purchasing power and the emotional power went down and the young people settled in narcissism. ” Today you are only true to yourself, he insists. “And I am convinced that this degree of infidelity among young people will only increase their level of unhappiness.”

The author adds that there are two determining factors. One, that networks have led many to infidelity against the values ​​of the old philosophy. And two, that women already decide. “For me that is decisive. I was born in a feminist family, my wife is and I hope my daughter too. And that is not fascist or prevarique. He admits that his partner would never have been with him “if I had not preserved a space of independence in the relationship.”

He has counted 850 real cases to elaborate the novel. “The male works by stereotypes; the woman invests them, inquires into humanity in general, that’s why the engine of the book is feminine ”. In February 2021, it will have a six-episode series on Netflix.

He has fun writing phrases in dialect and retrieves sayings about the atavistic fear of man to compromise. “I have more readers; they believe that it is a book that only goes on marital infidelity and is something else …, in Italy we do not stop debating it ”.

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