May 17, 2021

“We are more than 180 Spaniards confined in Peru and we want to return”

They have to bear all the costs of confinement and warn that there are people in a vulnerable situation with previous pathologies and without access to their medications.

Desperate. More than 180 Spaniards are confined in Peru. The coronavirus crisis caught them thousands of kilometers away and they do not know what to do, they do not find an escape route and the Spanish authorities do not seem to be taking any measures, they denounce. Among them are people in vulnerable situations, children and elderly people with pathologies. For all these reasons, they have decided to appeal and tell their story. Its objective? Getting back to Spain.

When they left Spain, their situation was normal, there were no movement restrictions in Peru or in our country. “In less than 48 hours we were urged to leave the country on our own. The airlines canceled flights preventing their return and in some cases they even asked for up to 4,000 euros for a plane ticket.”

Although they have gone to the Spanish authorities, they have received no response. The young man who stands as a spokesman for all these Spaniards assures in a video that “the embassy rarely answers” and the same is true of the Foreign Ministry, even giving contradictory messages. Their situation is getting worse and they don’t know who to turn to: “They force us to bear all the costs of confinement. There are Spaniards who have even been expelled from hotels. There are people in vulnerable situations, older people, children, people with previous pathologies who can hardly access their medications here ”.

Among those 180 Spaniards are 20 healthcare professionals, confined, who feel “powerless” without being able to return to Spain to attend the saturated Spanish healthcare system. They make it clear that they understand the importance of all the measures taken, but they request the dissemination of this video because “all we want is to return.”


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