Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

“We are”, King of Spain prize for counting 40 years of the LGTBI collective

The documentary series “Nosotrxs Somos”, in which the team led by César Vallejo travels for RTVE the history of the 40 years of the LGTBI collective in Spain, has been awarded the King of Spain Award for Cultural Journalism and Social Development that awards the EFE agency.

In the awarding of this award, the jury has valued “as an interesting historical document” this program and has highlighted “the excellent documentary work and search of audiovisual archive” of this series that tells the story of the LGTBI collective since the 70s through The colors of the rainbow flag.

Vallejo has told Efe that he feels “a lot of emotion” to be the winner, along with his team, of this award for a job that had never addressed the history of the collective through “two generations, a conversation, six colors and a flag “.

The RTVE journalist has detailed that the prize “is really the first chapter of the series”, in which under the title of “Yellow: sick and dangerous” they talk a prisoner, who was in the prison of Badajoz, after his Mother denounced him to a nun after telling him that he was homosexual, with a young man who also told his mother that he was trans and this helped him to reassign his sex.

“Both talk about being gay and trans 40 years ago and today, with archival images of the first gay demonstrations in Spain,” said Vallejo, who said he launched this project to realize that the new LGTBI generations have A completely different view of history.

With this series – in which Paco Tomás, Rafa Lobo, Diego Díaz and Bárbara Mateos have also participated – Vallejo recognizes that he has approached other realities, which has led him to “defend more the value of being diverse in all the aspects”.

The title of the series refers to the phrase “We are not afraid, we are”, the motto used in the first demonstration of the LGTBI collective in Spain in 1977.

The International Prizes of Journalism King of Spain, endowed with 6,000 euros, meet its XXXVII edition and are convened by the EFE Agency and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (Aecid) to recognize the informative work of Spanish language journalism professionals and Portuguese


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