April 15, 2021

"We are in a position to think that some party will abstain"

The president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, still trusts that some party -in reference to the PP or Citizens- can abstain and facilitate a moderate government that gives stability to the country "now or equal in September, as in school".

In an interview with Efe, Garamendi calls for "more responsibility and height of view" to political leaders and warns of the fatigue of citizenship with the political class.

"We are in a position to think that some party may abstain," acknowledges Garamendi, who recalls that "we have not had ten months of instability, but since 2015."

For this reason, he asks the political leaders for more responsibility and a high level of vision. "Think of our country and nothing else", he claims.

For employers, the best thing for companies and for the Spanish economy would be a moderate center-left government, with which to address the new challenges of globalization, such as digitalization or the environment.

Another option is a single-colored government, says Garamendi, supported "with support, in the sense of abstentions from other parties", something he hopes will happen "now or same in September, as in school".

"If these agreements are not reached, then let there be an election", ditches the leader of the businessmen, because "if there is no possibility that nothing comes out," it is always better "a stability within four months than an instability now "

However, warns that in a possible election "the people will decide" if the political class is up to it, because "they are losing in certain twists and turns that are not putting them in good place."

"A more moderate government would give more stability to the country," is the response of the president of the CEOE to the possibility that PSOE form Executive with Podemos.

However, it considers that the positions of the purple formation are "legitimate" and adds that the employers will "play the game in the field that touches them", always with "institutional loyalty".

"The extremes we do not like", says Garamendi bluntly when asked about the irruption of VOX in the Spanish political scene and stresses that the best thing is moderation.

A moderation that also appeals to social dialogue with unions, which reaches out to reach agreements to "improve" certain aspects of labor reform, such as the prevalence of agreements, ultra-activity and subcontracting.

"He is not no, I'm not going," says Garamendi in an interview with Efe.

Faced with the claims of CCOO and UGT to end the prevalence of the company agreement on the sectoral, recover the ultraactivity of the agreements and tackle abusive subcontracting, Garamendi recalls that "from zero to one hundred, there are midpoints, points of union, and Speaking the people understand".

"I think we have space and margin to be able to talk and negotiate," says the president of the CEOE, which stresses that he continues to work with both the government and the unions and that "soon we can announce things."

The leader of the CEOE emphasizes that social dialogue has not stopped at any time, despite political paralysis, and that society continues to work day by day, because "social peace is the best infrastructure the country has" .

Garamendi places value on social dialogue as the basis for any agreement and criticizes that both the rise of 22.3% of the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) this year, and the implementation of the registration of working hours, have been made outside the negotiation.

"It was not good to do it by royal decree," says the leader of the businessmen, who says not to complain as much about how much but how.

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