"We are going to repeal the labor reform despite all the resistance"

"Yes, we are going to repeal the labor reform." This has been the response of the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, to the movement of the socialist part of the coalition Government to take over the leadership of the negotiation of the labor reform, under the coordination of Nadia Calviño and with the support of Pedro Sánchez. "We are going to repeal the labor reform, despite all the resistance, which there is and there are many," said the head of United We Can in the Executive at the closing of the 12th CCOO Congress, which will renew this Saturday for another term more to their leader, Unai Sordo.

United We can request an urgent meeting to the PSOE for the "meddling" of Calviño in the repeal of the labor reform

United We can request an urgent meeting to the PSOE for the "interference" of Calviño in the repeal of the labor reform

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"Despite all those people who, wherever they are, have never wanted to repeal and alter the precarious labor model that the right wing has imposed in our country," Díaz said. A message addressed to Calviño, with whom he has constantly clashed since entering the Government and whom United We can accuse of not wanting to overturn the labor reform, as has been evidenced on numerous occasions.

Yolanda Díaz was received with a huge ovation from the union congress audience, with long applause and shouts of "president, president" and "we are going to repeal", in reference to the labor reform. The commitment to repeal the labor reform of the PP has once again been a great reception by the attending public.

Great tension in the coalition

The person in charge of Labor had avoided the media at the entrance to the union congress, something unusual for her. I did it after a night in which the tension between the coalition partners has escalated to the maximum.

United We can announced around nine o'clock at night that it will file a complaint against the president of the Congress of Deputies, Meritxell Batet, for prevarication, before his decision to suspend Alberto Rodríguez as a member of parliament for his conviction for hitting a policeman in 2014. The complaint against Batet, who has received the support of the PSOE for his actions, came after President Pedro Sánchez confirmed at the beginning of the afternoon the landing of Nadia Calviño at the helm of the negotiation of the labor reform, after five months of social dialogue by the Ministry headed by Yolanda Díaz.

"Today is the day of Unai Sordo, it is the day of Workers' Commissions," said Díaz to avoid questions from the media about these conflicts.

"The time for rhetoric is over"

"Now they touch facts and not words. The public does not want the policy that does not comply. That says one thing and then does another. In those events you will find me", has defended Yolanda Díaz, who has warned with force that "the time of the rhetoric is over. "

The Minister of Labor has stressed that her commitment to the coalition government is "total", but insisting on this idea of ​​the politics of the facts and of fulfilling the commitments. "Repeal the labor reform is to defend democracy and the Welfare State"; Diaz has insisted.

"We are going to complete this task, which is already well advanced," recalled the second vice president, who insisted that the legislation has been negotiated "seriously and rigorously" at the social dialogue table since last March 17. This has been another message to Vice President Calviño, who assured that the negotiation of the legislation is about to begin and reduced the five-month work of Yolanda Díaz's team to "preliminary contacts".


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