May 14, 2021

“We are going to make a sanitary cordon to Vox. It is a threat to democracy”

The PSOE candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Gabilondo, insists that the events of last week have marked a before and after in the 4M campaign. Gabilondo specifically cites three issues: Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s allusion to the hunger queues as “maintained”, the xenophobic posters of Vox pointing to unaccompanied foreign minors and, finally, the refusal to “explicitly” condemn the threats received by Fernando Grande-Marlaska, María Gámez and Pablo Iglesias and even the questioning of them by the extreme right. “For us that changes things,” he admitted at an informative breakfast organized by the New Economy Forum in which he warned that the socialists will make “a sanitary cordon to Vox.”

The Madrid elections enter their key week without debates and with the left as a bloc planted before Vox

The Madrid elections enter their key week without debates and with the left as a bloc planted before Vox

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“We make a sanitary cordon. Vox is a threat to democracy,” he reiterated in the same terms as used this Sunday Pedro Sánchez. “It seems to us that all democrats have to make that sanitary cordon to prevent it from having more power in the governments of Spain and, specifically, in Madrid,” he said in reference to Ayuso’s intention to agree with the formation of extreme right. “We are at a dangerous crossroads,” warned Gabilondo, who explained that “neutrality” does not fit in issues such as “racism or not racism”, “exclusion or not” or “problems that have to do with democracy.” “We are going to make a sanitary cordon so that Vox does not enter any government,” he asserted.

Although the socialists –like United We Can and More Madrid– They have launched into a whirlwind to warn of the real danger of the extreme right, Gabilondo has recognized that democratic structures are solid: “I have said that it is threatened, I also believe that democracy is strong, consistent, we have established values; but yes it is not defended every day, the rights that have such a transforming force have this weakness, which are of daily and daily action “. “I am not an equidistant who looks at the reality of the confrontation as one who attends a party but I take sides in the face of the confrontation – he pointed out -. It is essential to say that there is a threat to democracy.”

Asked if he would let the most voted list govern, Gabilondo recalled that he won the elections in 2019 and did not govern. “I am not going to say that it amused me, nor that it was good for Madrid, because it was a failed government, but I accepted it with a democratic conscience,” explained Gabilondo, who has questioned that the PP defends that the most voted governs when they win and that, when he loses, those who add must rule.

Asked about the support expressed by former socialist president Joaquín Leguina for Ayuso, Gabilondo has been “understanding” with the “personal itineraries” – he has included the philosopher Fernando Savater, who goes from UPyD and Ciudadanos to support the PP-, but has considered to be a “bug”. “I can not see how a success to insist on going back to the old ways and, if it is heeling towards the extreme right, even more,” he has sentenced.


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