We are going back, it is a lie that we have no future

The founder of Podemos Juan Carlos Monedero said Friday that the purple formation "is already climbing again" and stressed that although the surveys have pointed out that Podemos "has no future", that is "a lie".

For Monedero, Podemos is the best option for the upcoming elections, in front of a "trifachito" (PP-Citizens-Vox) that "lies" and a "domesticated" PSOE.

"Pablito has been back and put all the batteries," Monedero said the reference to the return of the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, after three months of paternity leave and stressed that although "a month ago" was said that we can he was "dead" and that "he was not going anywhere because he was sunk", the party "has a future".

"They tried to shoot us, but they shot us badly," said Monedero, referring to one of the well-known jokes of comedian Gila. And he has considered that if they have not been able to finish with Podemos it has been because "you have not believed them when they said that we were dead".

Wallet has shown optimism in the face of the results that can be obtained by the purple formation in the next electoral appointments and has done it during an act, held in the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Santander, where he has presented the candidates of Cantabria for Podemos to the Congress of the deputies and the Senate and those of some municipalities where Podemos is presented alone or in confluence with other forces of the left.


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