August 12, 2020

"We are closer to cast the PP of the government of the Community"

"Today we are much stronger, and we are much closer to throwing the PP of the government of the Community of Madrid next May 26," Serra said in statements to the media before the headquarters of the Communist Party of Madrid, along with the IU and Anticapitalist candidates, Sol Sánchez (number 2 on the unitary list) and Raúl Camargo (number 11), respectively.

"I believe that with this agreement we put forward the collective and the rights and interests of the people of Madrid," said Serra, and has given as examples the priority of reversing public services, ending evictions in the Community and guaranteeing " decent housing. " "It's good for the poor to pay what the rich do not pay," he said.

He has also denied any pressure from the leadership of his party, Podemos, and has ensured that the decision has been negotiated and made by the Community of Madrid team.

Sol Sánchez, for his part, has expressed his gratitude to the purple party for having accepted his "binding proposals" for the program, for rendering accounts and for participating in the bases, in what he has defined as a "negotiation until the last moment that has arrived at a good port ".

The UI candidate has also called for "to continue advancing and moving towards more participatory spaces, more open to public scrutiny and greater representation of the parties", and has highlighted the example of the referendum where the militancy of his party " voted mostly to continue with the construction of the space 'Madrid en Pie' ".

"We could not lose sight of the urgent," Sanchez argued, referring to the agreement after that vote, to underline that "the urgent thing is to throw the PP out of the institutions and especially the Community of Madrid where they have been campaigning for a long time. his broad ", so it is, in his view, of an" imperative need ".

Finally, the candidate of Anticapitalists, Raúl Camargo, has welcomed the agreement and recalled that "it was the time of responsibility to respond to the requests of social movements", as well as "working people" who, according to him, "I was demanding an agreement."

"Now we have to build a campaign to evict the right and put in value that there is a left that believes what it says, that does what it says and has a program to transform the Community of Madrid," said Camargo. "We went out to win on May 26, 2019", has settled.


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