"We are aware of all the memes about ironing times"



The president of the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC), Cani Fernández, has advocated this Wednesday for addressing as a priority and "with ambition"
a tax reform in the energy sector because it is "needed"
. During his speech at the II International Economic Forum organized by the newspaper 'Expansión', Fernández explained that taxation is one of the components that
determine the energy bill of consumers
together with regulated costs - derived from networks or tolls - and energy market costs.

Fernández also referred to the new structure of tolls and charges recently approved by the Government and the CNMC itself and which has given rise to the new electricity tariff. This new structure, highlighted, introduces greater differentiation with respect to current access tolls both in terms of power and in terms of energy and all this for hourly periods, which, in his opinion, allows providing price signals to consumers to encourage efficient use of the networks.

Fernández stressed that, within this new framework, "the most involved and best-trained consumer is the one who can obtain the greatest savings on their electricity bill."

For this reason, he has highlighted that "Consumer education and consumer information" are a priority objective for the CNMC, which has enabled various tools on its website, such as the energy offer comparator, to facilitate the consumer's adaptation to the new toll scheme and 'empower' them in their ability to choose.

“What we want is that the consumer can find the best supply option with the current framework, but we have to continue working to provide consumers with new tools that allow them to adjust their habits and obtain greater benefits in the invoice ", has affirmed.

The president of the CNMC has indicated that both regulated costs and energy costs show "a growing tendency to be influenced by hourly volatility." All this, he explained, can lead to "certain levels of loss of comfort" on the part of consumers, sometimes "unaffordable" due to the "inflexibility" of changing certain consumption habits.

"We are aware of all the memes that have come out about the times to iron and put washing machines," said Fernández, who added that there are other ways to protect the consumer from volatility, such as distributed energy (self-consumption, battery management demand, among others).

In this way, Fernández pointed out, real prices are revealed and efficient signals are given to demand without exposing the consumer to loss of comfort or high prices.

In any case, the president of the CNMC has affirmed that it takes time and time series to be able to reach conclusions about what is happening now in the electricity market.

Possible adaptations

"It must be taken into account that we have only been using the new toll structures for a week and we have to see if, in its case, it needs adaptations and of course we are going to see it," Fernández said, recalling that
the CNMC supervises the markets on a daily basis
and that if non-compliant behaviors are detected, files will be opened and sanctions will be adopted if necessary.

The president of this body has also warned that the
hourly price volatility will be one of the characteristics of the electricity market
in the coming years, both in Spain and in the rest of Europe. “We have to get used to the idea. Given this reality, we must promote consumer protection ”, he pointed out.

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