Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

We are a crazy panda

It was a dramatic walk on Twitter after the defeat against the Valencia and read the cries in the form of tweet of some parakeets (many of them young, by the way). A generalized lament of such magnitude that would have pushed the very same Rafael Nadal to leave tennis when in 2003 he injured his elbow without having yet won a Grand slam Y Federer it was consolidated as number two of the ATP. “Don't be an ill child and assume reality. You're done! ”, He would have said Paco Flores in turn around Nadal. Pessimism and its faithful, which is essentially cowardice, but with a chic name. It happens that fear and fears have a proselytizing nature, that is, they pretend (or cannot avoid) to infect the rest and when they find a human wall of courage they call it illusive, cool or crazy. Are we not parrots a crazy panda? Who would imagine that we would be saved again and again from so many adversities, making even the essence of our passion from bad times? Would someone have bet 50 years ago that we would play more seasons in first than the very same Atlético de Madrid?

If there is a pimp par excellence in Spanish football is the Cholo Simeone. He, his Argentine accent and his bravery seem like ten men talking. Cholismo They call him a kind of soccer current (I would say almost existentialist) created by him with a simple phrase that repeats as a mantra: "Match to match." If for a moment you try to see the courage on the horizon, you will realize that the cholismo It is even further. It is added to all the defects that are blamed on the optimists. Great, come on.

The truth is Machin It has little to do with the Simeone school, but its Soriana calm is a good recipe against drama. I, as a good optimist, have already seen signs of improvement. I liked the reaction of the players to the two goals of the Athletic. We were vague, but we didn't duck our heads. Against him Valencia Espanyol reminded the team of intense and precise pass last season, but in the second part the nerves and fatigue defeated us before Equal Y Maxi They will score the goals.

I think it was in a Robinson Report where I heard Nadal explain how he played the matches. He said he concentrated on the point he was contesting, as if he had not played one before or there was one after. That point is everything and at the same time it means nothing, because isolated, parts of zero, without the weight of the context. That is the key, we have to free ourselves from the weight of the context: from the leaderboards, statistics, predictions and other people's teasing. As he did yesterday The curve, the young entertainment sector of Espanyol and, without a doubt, the heart of this club. Yesterday they encouraged the team as in the best nights when the stadium was incomprehensibly half empty, considering how much it was held a few months ago to play European competition. They cheered as if there was no yesterday or tomorrow. As Nadal plays one more point. With madness, chulería (or rather, pride) and illusion, which has always been our elixir to keep us alive. A triad that mixed becomes faith, as he described perfectly Enric Gonzalez in his book A matter of faith (mentioned on so many occasions) that makes us almost immune to all defeats, descents and contempt of the world. A faith so powerful and with both temporal and generational journey that in comparison leaves cholismo in mere Buenos Aires quackery. Let's still be crazy and we will continue to be invincible.

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