June 23, 2021

We answer all your questions about the state of alarm experienced in Spain by the coronavirus. laprovincia.es

56. Good afternoon, I have signed a rental agreement to enter on April 1. With the current circulation limits, is it possible to move? transport waxes? Could I get a legal document from the police? THANKS

»We have consulted with a moving company from Gijón that, after requesting instructions from the Municipal Police, have authorized them to start those jobs that are considered most necessary. Always, of course, with the due general protections applicable to all the extraordinary situation of a pandemic that is experienced. Most of the companies are fulfilling the orders that they had already formalized but will paralyze the activity as they are completed.

55. Hi, is the child custody distribution regime maintained in these circumstances?

»Courts with family jurisdiction are issuing orders in this regard. The two 1st Instance numbers 8 and 9 of Gijón have already issued an order by which, “always in default of what the parents agree” (that is, if there is an agreement between those involved, what they decide is respected), which The judges state that “the visitation regimes and the inter-weekly days established by the courts are suspended, with the obligation of the minors to return with the custodial parent.” In addition, it is decreed that “the maintenance of the validity of the shared custodians, with the only exception that in the absence of a school, the exchanges will take place at the address of the parent who ends his stay, that is, at the address of the parent in the that the minors are, in this case the suspension of the inter-weekly visits of the non-custodial parent will also be applicable ”.

54. If I need to make an order at home, will it be compulsory to pay by card?

»Home delivery companies are taking extraordinary protection measures against Covid-19. Among the decisions adopted by one of the largest companies in the sector (Glovo) is that “to guarantee maximum security, the signature on receiving an order between the user and the delivery person has been eliminated to avoid contact. The company recommends card payment, to minimize contact. A system of sealed bags has been established, which guarantees the optimal packaging of orders. And the delivery person will leave the order at the door of the user’s home and will keep the distance until the order is picked up ”. You should consult in each case.

53. To go shopping, r We are a MAJOR couple we can both go by private car and make the purchase both

»The Police are informing in the cities that the transfers to make the purchase are considered necessary, but it would not be justified that they were two people. Among other arguments they are giving is that many supermarkets have limited access to customers.

52. Hi. We are a couple of doctors. On Tuesdays we work in the same public hospital -with the same time of entry and exit- in a center 80 km away. of our domicile. We each have our receipt to attend. Due to the particularity of leaving the same home, going to the same hospital and returning to the same home, can we move in the same vehicle? Thank you

»The Police are not impeding the movement of several people in the same car, provided that these transfers are justified within the exceptions of the alarm status decree, and provided that the minimum prevention measures are kept in the passenger compartment of the car .

51. Good, can you go out with the little ones even if it is a little within the private urbanization?

»The authorities are informing, in the street controls that they are carrying out, that the order is for confinement in the houses and if it is a private urbanization they also have the possibility of entering it to reprimand.

fifty. Can you go to the Post Office?

»As they have made public today from the Post Office, in their offices only the public postal service is provided, with new organizational measures and action protocols. Thus, only strictly essential personnel are operating for the provision of public service, the only service being developed. The Post offices are opening from 09:30 to 12:30, from Monday to Friday, keeping all the protocols dictated by the health authorities. On the first day of the alarm activity in Correos was significantly reduced and according to those responsible, the vast majority of operations correspond to services of necessity, mainly sending money by money order.

49. They have sent me a message disseminated on social networks that affirms that insurance will not cover or assist in claims that occur from drivers who circulate without proper authorization. It is true?

No, it’s a hoax. Insurers will act as before. They will go to the scene of the accident, with a crane if necessary and will process the parts. A different thing is the fact that the victim must justify why he was circulating in a state of alert to the security forces. They will decide if you meet the conditions for not being confined; if he does not comply they may sanction him.

48. Good. I usually do trial in the mountains, an activity that I do alone and where I don’t stop to talk to anyone. Can I keep doing it?

»The annex that establishes the list of equipment and activities whose opening to the public is suspended by application of the Royal Decree on the declaration of the state of alarm clearly specifies that the velodromes and motorsports or motorcycling circuits are included among the sports equipment that must be closed. But, in addition, it adds another section with “the open equipment and public roads” that are also affected by the norm and cites the routes of cycling, motorcyclist, automobile and similar tests; motocross, trial and similar routes ”… etc.

47. I like to run at dawn on the Finnish track in Oviedo. What problem would there be in continuing to do so? I do not usually come across any runner and, obviously, if I meet someone, we never stop to talk.

»The annex that establishes the list of equipment and activities whose opening to the public is suspended by application of the Royal Decree on the declaration of the state of alarm clearly specifies that the velodromes and athletics tracks are included among the sports equipment that must be closed. But, in addition, adds another section with are “open facilities and public roads” that are also affected by the rule. And there he cites “pedestrian race routes”.

46. What sanction can I have if I have given inaccurate information to a police officer when he requested it on the street?

»Organic Law 4/2015, of March 30, on the protection of citizen security, considers as a serious offense not only disobedience or resistance to authority or its agents in the exercise of their functions, when they do not constitute a crime . It also states that the refusal to identify itself at the request of the authority or its agents or also the allegation of false or inaccurate data in the identification processes is a serious infringement.

Four. Five. I have a bar that offers takeaways. Can I offer someone waiting for an order a drink if they ask me?

»The instruction of the Royal Decree detailing the particularities of the state of alarm indicates that among the restrictive measures in relation to commercial activity, is the suspension of the opening to the public of retail premises and establishments, with the exception of food and products and essential goods listed in the Annex to the Royal Decree, as well as any other activity or establishment that in the opinion of the competent authority may pose a risk of contagion. The permanence in the establishments whose opening is allowed must be strictly necessary for the acquisition of food and basic necessities, the possibility of consuming products in the establishments themselves being suspended. ”

44. If I am in my neighborhood community, can the local police enter the building to check if gymnastics is being done in the common areas?

»In the order issued by the Ministry of the Interior with the instructions to proceed to the bodies and security forces of the state, it is literally stated that“ The agents of the authority may carry out checks on people, property, vehicles, premises and establishments that are necessary to check and, where appropriate, prevent the services and activities suspended in the Royal Decree declaring the state of alarm, except those expressly excepted. For this, they may issue the necessary orders and prohibitions and suspend the activities or services that are being carried out. ” And as the Civil Guard is remembering, in the urbanizations “don’t trust yourself. We must avoid common areas such as roof terraces, patios, garages… and much less in the company of minors ”.

43. Hello. I am separated and have two small children, and I have no one to leave them with. Can I go shopping with them? And to throw the garbage and walk the dog? What do I do in my case?

»Family group outings are not considered justified and could possibly expose you to a fine.

42. My daughter has to have stitches removed from a dental extraction in Oviedo. We live in Gijón, can we both go by car?

»You can share a car as long as it is with adequate protection measures –among them the distance between driver and passenger- and the reason for the transfer is justified. If you have not canceled the medical appointment, the transfer would be justified within the healthcare provided by the Royal Decree.

41. If we need to move to another locality to care for minors (all adults work in public services), is there a procedure or is it communicated to the agents when they stop you? Thank you.

»There are currently no formalities to do. Only the authority should be told that this is the reason for the transfer, which is covered by the Royal Decree published on the 15th, where it is said that “Citizens may only circulate on the roads for public use to carry out the following activities “, one of them being to attend to child care.

40. Hi. I have recently undergone major surgery. The doctor has strongly recommended that I walk for his best cure. Can I go for a walk?

»Just today, in the national appearance of the day, Fernando Simón, the ministerial spokesman in the coronavirus crisis, referred to the fact that the restrictions on the population leaving their homes must be understood within certain limits and referred to the fact that if someone You have the medical indication to walk, you must comply with it within the prudence of leaving as little time as possible, at times of least citizen exposure, and without causing risky situations. And if you can do another exercise at home, the better.

39. My mother lives a few km from my house, she is older and I take care of her. My problem is that I don’t drive and my husband drives me. I know that no more than one person can go per car. But in this case it could. Gracisd

»The Civil Guard has been stating for several days that” both on foot and by vehicle, individual movements are only allowed in the cases established in Article 7 of the RD declaring the state of alarm, except to accompany people with disabilities or for just cause. ” Failure to drive could be considered good cause.

38. Good Morning. My husband has cancer and I have to take him to the oncologist, cycle, etc., and another day to have a CT scan. Does the consultation with the oncologist serve as a supporting document? Thank you.

“It is good that you carry that document, but the argument is included among the safeguard measures for the restriction of freedom of movement in transport matters. It is expressly stated that those who require “assistance in health centers” are excluded from this restrictive measure.

37. Good Morning. We have two children and both parents have to go to work. I would like to know what the family member needs to come to take care of the children to justify leaving their home. In principle, there is no contract of any kind as it is a family member. What documentation should you provide in case the police find you?

»You do not need to provide any extraordinary documents. The reason for his displacement is included in the Royal Decree where it is said that among the restrictive measures of freedom of movement and in the matter of transport is the exception of “Assistance and care for the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or people especially vulnerable. “

36. Can you go to your second home if it is in another province?

»The Government, in its decree of extraordinary measures, has specified that displacement is only allowed for reasons considered necessary and does not contemplate that someone move to go to his second home. They could sanction him.

35. In case of being immersed in an ERTE by my company, how can I request unemployment benefit if both the company and the unemployment office are closed?

»The offices of the Public Employment Service of the Principality have eliminated face-to-face attention to the public to avoid displacement and possible contact with the public, but the processing of claims and benefits is guaranteed through telephone assistance and through the website of Trabajastur (mobile. asturias.es/trabajastur). In the 25 SEPEPA offices, public employees remain to answer the telephone, take the necessary steps and resolve doubts from companies and workers, although the Public State Employment Service (SEPE) has interrupted administrative procedures in order to avoid harm to the population. For any questions, you can call the phone: 984751498.

3. 4. Hello, good afternoon. My wife works in Oviedo and we live in the delivery. I drive her to Oviedo and then I go home. Do you need permission or something or just when the civil guard stops you is to tell them? Thank you

»Precisely this afternoon the Coordination Group of Asturias will meet to comply with the Royal Decree and they are aware that one of the questions that most worries the population is how identification should be with the police when it comes to going to work or perform a service considered basic. As soon as we know something else we will inform you through the web. Thank you

33. Are the blue zone still working? Could the drivers be fined for not putting a ticket?

»The cities of Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés have decided this morning to suspend the blue zone. No driver will have to pay to park in the city center. This is a measure aimed at reducing the contacts and therefore the contacts between citizens and ORA controllers.

The Government of the Principality will also reduce, starting today, March 16, the offers of interurban public transport as a containment measure against the coronavirus COVID-19, at the same time that it will guarantee the access of citizens to jobs, basic services and health centers.

32. Tomorrow I have an appointment in pediatrics to review 4 months with my little one and put 4 vaccines (one of them for a fee). Does the appointment still stand or is it canceled?

»Health consultations are held at least tomorrow Monday, from there they can change. You should contact HUCA or the health center to confirm your appointment. In some hospitals they are already calling patients to cancel scheduled appointments.

31. I have a medical appointment in primary care for possible cystitis, can I go?

»Patients who have consultations scheduled for Monday morning in the health centers and hospitals of Asturias, must attend the appointment unless they have been expressly informed otherwise, sources from the Ministry of Health have explained.

In the field of oncology, all patients who have scheduled treatments will receive them. And patients who had delayed consultations are being called to delay them. According to the Ministry of Health, in the next few days their respective specialists will call them and give them the appropriate indications.

30. Good afternoon, the conditions of separated fathers and mothers regarding their children, I mean, today with dad, tomorrow with mom, do they continue with their visits and weekends or what happens?

»Regarding the visitation regime for children and the exchange, if this is established, it can be done at the moment, although it is advisable that they spend the period of isolation in the same place to avoid contagions.

29. Good afternoon, I have a question, are the textile retail stores forced to close?

»-The point 1 of article 10 of the Royal Decree is clear in this sense:“ The opening to the public of retail premises and establishments is suspended, with the exception of retail commercial establishments for food, beverages, products and essential goods, pharmaceutical, medical, optical and orthopedic products, hygiene products, hairdressing salons, press and stationery, automotive fuel, tobacconists, technological and telecommunications equipment, pet food, internet commerce, telephone or correspondence, dry cleaners and laundries. Any other activity or establishment that in the judgment of the competent authority may pose a risk of contagion is suspended. ”

28. Tuesday I have an appointment in traumatology of cabueñes. I have to go or they are suspended

»Patients who have consultations scheduled for Monday morning in the health centers and hospitals of Asturias, must attend the appointment unless they have been expressly informed otherwise, sources from the Ministry of Health have explained.

In the field of oncology, all patients who have scheduled treatments will receive them. And patients who had delayed consultations are being called to delay them. According to the Ministry of Health, in the next few days their respective specialists will call them and give them the appropriate indications.

27. Good afternoon, and appointments on ITV? Are these centers closed?

»From the ITVASA management they have issued a public statement that we reproduce below for their interest in the suspension of all their activities.

“In accordance with the measures filed by the Government through Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14 (…) citizens are informed of the suspension of ALL inspection activities. Likewise, previous appointments already arranged are canceled so far, as well as the suspension of terms and the interruption of administrative deadlines, including the expiration of the technical inspection, the management of reform files and non-periodic inspections.

The duration of the state of alarm that is declared by this royal decree is fifteen calendar days that start counting from March 14, 2019, the date of publication in the BOE, expandable if Parliament decides.

At ITVASA we will work for a gradual and sustained restoration of service and we ask all citizens to understand the exceptional measures while requesting responsible social behavior limiting the movement of people and vehicles in accordance with Article 7. Limitation of freedom of movement. of people”

26. Are eye doctor consultations at HUCA continuing or have they been canceled?

»The Government of the Principality has announced this morning the suspension of all delayed healthcare activity in both health centers and hospital appointments, so that all healthcare activities can be reorganized so as to guarantee the best care for patients who have a worse evolution of the contagion by Covid-19.

25. I have several animals 10 km from my usual residence and I have to feed them every day. How do I justify that?

»You should simply give that information to law enforcement officers who may ask you. The general direction of Animal Rights of the Ministry of Social Affairs in its instructions for these days has communicated that movements to attend animals on farms and animal protection centers are contemplated.

24. -I’m a carrier and normally they don’t let us make deliveries in the cities on weekends. Is that restriction maintained?

»The General Directorate of Traffic has determined to lift restrictions on the movement of goods transport vehicles, at least until March 28, extendable depending on the evolution of the situation, as a measure to guarantee the supply of goods essential and supplying the cities. The DGT annually establishes movement restrictions for this type of vehicle for reasons of road safety, mobility and fluidity during weekends and days of special traffic operations.

2. 3. To take the dogs for a walk, is there a specific time to do it?

»The instruction given by the General Directorate for Animal Rights is to try to take pets for a walk and make their physiological needs“ prioritizing less busy hours ”. They also ask that they take a bottle of water with detergent to clean the area where they relieve themselves and bags to collect feces.

22. I have a dog and I need to take him out for a walk every day. Can my daughter and I get it out together?

»—- The Civil Guard and the Local Police are informed that if a pet needs to be walked,“ it should not be done as a family; it must be done by going alone and for the minimum time necessary ”. The instructions of the General Directorate for Animal Rights is to take the dogs for walks on short walks, just to cover their physiological needs, without causing contact with other animals or with other people.

twenty-one. Can you share a car to go to work? Thank you

»The instruction that the Civil Guard is giving is that if you have to use a vehicle it should be done for any of the authorized reasons: going to work, refueling, attending to an elderly person, etc. Leave vacations or retreats in the country / town parked.

twenty. – I had planned to examine myself this fortnight of the driving license. Will the driving test be maintained by any telematic system?

»The General Directorate of Traffic notified yesterday the temporary suspension, until further notice, of the theoretical and practical exams -of all categories of vehicles- to obtain the driving license in all the Provincial Traffic Headquarters from Monday 16 of March. Point recovery courses are also suspended. The face-to-face attention to citizens in the provincial and local traffic headquarters will be carried out maintaining essential services, depending on the particular needs of each of the headquarters. The public service to the citizen will continue to be carried out through telephone and telematic assistance, since a significant number of administrative procedures related to vehicles and drivers can be carried out through the organism’s electronic headquarters and through third-party collaborators.

19. Can I go find the woman at work (health), to avoid using public transport?

»The instruction that the Civil Guard is giving is that if you have to use a vehicle it should be done for any of the authorized reasons: going to work, refueling, attending to an elderly person, etc. Leave vacations or retreats in the country / town parked.

18. Good afternoon: I have a plot where I have chickens that is 60km from my usual residence. My question is if I can go feed them or do I need any authorization for it? Thank you

»People who have animals to take care of may continue to go to the farms to feed the animals, even in areas with restricted movements due to the coronavirus as long as they meet the requirements. This is indicated in the instruction of the General Directorate for Animal Rights. No express authorization is required for this. Just indicate to the authority to ask what is the reason for your displacement.

17. Hello good to my family and I was caught outside our usual home all of this being within the province and before the 24th I should return to start working. Could I return with my family to our usual residence?

»-The instruction reflected in the Royal Decree is that if a vehicle must be used, it should be done for any of the authorized reasons: going to work, refueling, attending to an elderly person, or returning to the habitual residence. You should have no problem doing this.

16. Hello good afternoon!!! Does the Social Security treasury open its doors to carry out procedures? Thank you. Greetings.

»The Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations has ordered to close the service of attention to the face-to-face public in its offices of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) and the General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS).

In this way, the offices will close from this Monday, March 16, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With this extraordinary measure, the Ministry intends to comply with the recommendations of the health authorities for reasons of public health and thus avoid displacement and face-to-face contact as much as possible.

Citizens have the possibility to carry out urgent procedures that cannot be postponed through the electronic instruments of the Electronic Office, the Network System and the Electronic Registry and by calling 901166565 (INSS) and 901502050 (TGSS).

fifteen. Good afternoon. I am called to work and I need to go by car. My question is if a co-worker who is also called to work can come with me. Thank you in advance for your help.

»According to the information that is sent to us from the Civil Guard, none of the measures adopted in the decree of the State of Alarm is not breached, as long as you go to the workplace.

14. Good morning, I live in a city and I have a very restless 21-month-old boy, I have a second residence in the same province in half an hour with the car, could you take me and my wife to that second residence? Without leaving the plot that is fenced of course. Thanks and best regards

»-The instruction that the Civil Guard is giving is that if you have to use a vehicle, it should be done for any of the authorized reasons: going to work, refueling, attending to an elderly person, etc. They are literally saying that “vacations or retreats in the country / town should be parked.”

13. I wanted to know if the unemployment offices are still open to be able to seal, I ask from Mieres. THANKS-

»The offices of the Principality Public Employment Service (Sepepa) have eliminated face-to-face attention to the public as an extraordinary measure, to avoid displacement and face-to-face contact. The agency guarantees the processing of claims and benefits by telephone and through the Trabajastur website (mobile.asturias.es / Trabajastur), as reported by the Government. In the 25 Sepepa offices, public employees remain to attend to the citizens by telephone, take the necessary steps and resolve doubts from companies and workers, although the Public State Employment Service (Sepe) has interrupted administrative procedures in order to avoid harm to the population. . For any questions, users can call the following phone: 984 751 498.

12. Good night. I have a lottery purchased for these days. Will there be a draw?

»From State Lotteries and Gambling, a statement has been issued to report that from Sunday, until further notice, the marketing of lottery and similar products are suspended. The draws from Monday 16 are postponed until a date to be determined in which their celebration is possible. All the tenths and receipts sold will continue to be valid for the same draws on the date on which they are finally held, as well as the entry of said draws in the case of the National Lottery.

Only the EuroMillions draws on March 17 and 20 will be held normally.

Important: The expiration date of the prizes in the collection period that expire during these special days are frozen, so that when the validity of the Royal Decree of the state of alarm ends, the expiration period will resume.

eleven. Can I pick up my son at the airport? There are no buses when his plane arrives, thanks.

»Displacement is understood as justified to go to pick up a relative at the airport, although it is recommended to avoid it. Although the authorities recommend that better if you take a taxi.

10. Good afternoon People who work in the world of construction. Who decides if it stops, the company or the worker himself if he decides to stay at home.

»The Asturian Construction Confederation (CAC) has announced that it will regulate the progress of works in the region, taking into account the needs and the state of each one of them. The first measure that many employers in the sector have adopted is the reduction of working hours in many works. Due to the peculiarities of the sector, what is expected is that an individualized analysis of each case can be made. The builders planned to give general directions to their associates.

9. Hello good afternoon. I have a farm with animals. I do not live there. Could aliemtarlos could? I live in Gijon and the farm is in Gozon.

» “El cuidado de los animales está garantizado. Los veterinarios atenderán tanto a animales de abasto como de compañía. Los propietarios podrán acudir a alimentar a los animales y regresar a casa”.

8. Tengo varios animales a 10 km de mi residencia habitual y tengo que alimentarlos todos los días como justifico eso

» Los ganaderos que así lo justifiquen debidamente podrán seguir acudiendo a las granjas a atender a los animales aun en zonas con los movimientos restringidos por el coronavirus siempre que cumplan los requisitos.

7. Mi madre tiene el martes una operación de cataratas. Se suspende? La avisarán si es así?

» Los pacientes que tengan consultas programadas para mañana lunes en los centros de salud y hospitales de Asturias, deberán acudir a la cita salvo que de forma expresa se les haya comunicado lo contrario, han explicado fuentes de la Consejería de Salud.

En el ámbito de la oncología, todos los enfermos que tengan programados tratamientos los recibirán. Y los pacientes que tenían consultas demorables se les está llamando para demorarlas. Según la Consejería de Salud, en los próximos días sus respectivos especialistas les llamarán y les darán las indicaciones oportunas.

6. ¿Puedo ir en coche a casa de mi abuela a llevarle medicación?

» El Real Decreto recoge expresamente que cualquier servicio que tenga como finalidad ayudar a una persona en situación de vulnerabilidad, como pueden ser los ancianos, está contemplado.  

Artículo 7. Sobre limitación de la libertad de circulación de las personas.

1. Durante la vigencia del estado de alarma las personas únicamente podrán circular por las vías de uso público para la realización de las siguientes actividades:

Asistencia y cuidado a mayores, menores, dependientes, personas con discapacidad o personas especialmente vulnerables.

5. Hay una urbanización de pisos con zonas verdes al lado de mi casa, donde la gente de esa comunidad está haciendo deporte, tomando el sol y relacionándose entre si en las zonas comunes (jardines). ¿Eso está permitido en este estado de alarma?

» Respuesta de la policía local: “Lo que indica el Decreto que declara la situación de estado de alerta es que la gente debe quedarse en casa. Ese decreto da muchos mecanismos a la Policía para evitar que la gente salga a la calle. Les da incluso permiso para acceder a zonas privada”. No está permitido realizar actividades de ocio, no en espacios públicos ni privados

4. Puedo bajar la basura?

» Los servicios municipales están trasladando a la población que hay normalidad en la recogida diaria. Con una indicación: Las personas que tienen un enfermo o posible enfermo en casa, toda su basura debe acumularse en una bolsa de plástico, que irá dentro de la bolsa de “basura” al contenedor de no reciclables, y al vertedero. Thank you

3. Hola, buenas tardes, como se justifica ante la Policía o Guardia Civil que se va a trabajar o otras necesidades que se permiten? Thank you

» Buenas tardes. Precisamente esta tarde se va a reunir el Grupo de Coordinación de Asturias para el cumplimiento del Real Decreto y son conscientes de que una de las preguntas que más inquieta a la población es cómo deberá ser la identificación ante la policía a la hora de ir a trabajar o a realizar un servicio considerado básico. En cuanto sepamos algo más informaremos a través de la web. Thank you

two. ¿Que pasara con los juicios y citaciones en los Juzgados de Asturias? ¿Están cerrados o seguirán funcionando?

» La instrucción que ha dado la sala de Gobierno del Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Asturias determina que todos los juicios quedan suspendidos excepto los que tengan que ver con derechos fundamentales.

Literalmente la instrucción emitida el viernes por el órgano que gobierna a los jueces asturianos es que, en vista del Decreto del estado de alarma que iba a promulgar el Gobierno, se procedía a “la suspensión cautelar de todos los actos procesales excepto los que se consideren inaplazables y urgentes, así como la suspensión de los plazos procesales”.

one. Hola buena noche tengo una inquietud en mi ser,que pasa con la persona mayor que viven sola oh sólo quien le hace compra

» El Real Decreto dice, literalmente, que uno de los motivos de fuerza mayor para realizar un desplazamiento es el de “prestar asistencia y cuidado a mayores, menores, dependientes, personas con discapacidad o personas especialmente vulnerables”. Si una persona está dedicada a llevar alimentos, hacer la compra o dar servicio a alguna persona mayor, vulnerable, impedida o que necesite especiales cuidados, su circulación por la calle y el mantenimiento de su servicio se considera esencial.


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