Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

"We always dream, we have to set beautiful goals"

Borja Iglesias: “Siempre soñamos, hay que ponerse objetivos bonitos”

Borja Iglesias he fought with all the defense the Alavés and ended something deranged. It is his job, he accepts it with elegance and hopes that the defenses "are noble and when you at least accept it", because there are some who do not do it according to him. The players are "happy" to continue with the streak and the striker emphasizes that, in addition to the defensive improvement, against Alavés, in addition, they were better "with the ball".

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"It's a pity his goal because it gives the feeling that everything has been more equal but I think we have controlled the game quite well," said the Galician. With total sincerity he admitted that it was Laguardia's goal and that's why he did not celebrate it with effusiveness, because he saw it from the beginning.

Let's go to the Ciudad de Levante to win "

Asked if the team dreams Borja Iglesias replied that "always." "You have to set beautiful goals," he added, and that this victory "strengthens the team." "We do a lot of good things, a lot of things very well and we have to try to do it as many times as possible and that way we will be there," he insisted. To continue there they will try to overcome the challenge of winning more than two consecutive victories, something they have not yet achieved this season: "It's a nice challenge and we're going to go City of Levante to win".

He wants the same Víctor Sánchez, "Go game to game to win", because if that happens "we will be close to the seventh place" and if not, "in no man's land". Winning against Alavés "was important", especially because he knows that from now on all "the parties are going to be like that", complicated because "all the teams play things". The template is "very happy" because they are "on the line" again.

I'm going to try to help the group, now it's my turn and I'm very happy about that "

Like him, which is again important for Rubi, in his second consecutive game as a starter: "I always try to give my best. Due to different circumstances I could not play at my level, the coach trusted me in specific matches and I was not well but this goes like this, he is going to spurts. I will try to help the group. Now it's my turn and I'm very happy about that. "

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