February 27, 2021

We already have trouble

We warned you yesterday that we would have tension again with this issue and it has not taken 24 hours. The Ministry of Equality of Irene Montero The draft of the new Trans Law is ready but the part of the PSOE in the Executive, with Vice President Carmen Calvo at the helm, it doesn’t look like I’m going to accept it as is. That draft “is not a government project,” say the socialists, a phrase of great significance because it delves into the symbolic gap that there is a ‘real government’ and then ‘the ministries of Podemos’. There will be a mess.

The friction point has been during the last year the so-called “Gender self-determination”. The law prepared by Irene Montero’s team would allow anyone over 16 years of age to officially establish their gender without the need for psychological or medical justifications. A good part of the PSOE is reluctant to this philosophy today, which has led to a very bitter debate on transsexuality among feminist currents within the government.

Six women point to a film director

Today elDiario.es publishes the testimony of six women pointing to the director, producer and film teacher Luis María Ferrández for a pattern of behavior that years after the events they dare to speak publicly.

They do not know each other, but their stories coincide: “He took advantage of me”, “I was very drunk”, “I told him I did not want to have sex”, “he played psychologically with me” … You have the complete news here.

Our colleague Ana Requena has been collecting information on this case for weeks and has spoken with dozens of people. Of them, six have decided to take the plunge. The process, Ana tells us, has been very complex for each one of them, but now they speak in case it could serve other women.

AOC. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the reference policies for the new progressive generation in the US, has counted that she herself suffered a sexual assault in the past. She has done it in a video, visibly affected, in line with a reflection on another trauma, the one that has been the assault on the Capitol by the radical pro-Trump. Little by little, women with power are sharing their experiences to make a structural problem visible.

Variations, a new twist on the script

When they make films of this pandemic there will be a peak moment reserved for the days when it seemed that we were reaching the happy end of vaccines … and then the variants appeared, those mutations of the virus that are more fierce, more lethal, more transmissible than SARS- Original CoV-2.

Spain has prohibited the arrival of non-resident foreigners come from Brazil and South Africa, because of the specific strains that appear to spread from those countries. This decision is added to an equivalent restriction on flights from the United Kingdom, also for fear of the British variant. But it is that the British variant, in turn, is making its way a new version similar to the South African, which is more resistant to the vaccine and antibody treatments. We have translated an article from The Guardian more details.

Sputnik V. In Russia they have named their vaccine the satellite of the Cold War, and that already tells us many things about how all this is also a race to conquer geopolitical spaces. Supply problems in ‘Western’ companies have opened the door for Russian and Chinese highways especially in Africa and Latin America. The EU has already affirmed that Sputnik V will not be distributed in Europe because it does not have a factory on European soil, a requirement imposed on other laboratories. A positive fact: the efficacy of the Russian vaccine is 91%, according to the independent scientific journal The Lancet.

An awkward question. Former Oxfam Intermon Director Chema Vera, he wonders In El Confidencial: “Is it okay for a middle-aged European or American, who works at home, to be vaccinated earlier than a front-line South African nurse?” Here an illustrative map from The World Order with data from The Economist.

Other good newsThe first studies confirm that the AstraZeneca vaccine not only prevents you from getting COVID-19 but also dramatically reduces the chances that you will infect others if you are a carrier of the virus. Very important to stop its expansion.

And in Spain, the infections go down but deaths hit April levels, with 724 deaths registered in a single day.

Say technocrat

New chapter in the permanent crisis of governance in Italy. Faced with the impossibility of forming a new government in Congress, Mario Draghi has been summoned to form a unity government. Draghi is former president of the European Central Bank and one of the leading figures in financial crisis management. Of course it has ideology, but they will call you technocrat not to say that no one has elected him at the polls.

The one who has the power to summon an outsider to be prime minister is the president of the Republic, a position that is voted directly by citizens but has a more institutional profile and is appointed by large majorities in parliament every seven years.

This is the third time this has happened in Italy in the last 30 years. In 1993, the also banker Carlo Azeglio Ciampi formed a government before the institutional blockade. And in 2011, fresher in our memory because it also happened in the middle of the crisis in Spain and some wanted to imitate the example, Italy pulled another European-style economist, Mario Monti.

Don’t let it pass you

  • Deniers taping hospitals. You start by going without a mask to a demonstration called by Miguel Bosé and you end up entering hospitals to record alleged evidence that COVID-19 does not exist. It sounds ridiculous but it’s real and they’re organized.
  • Amazon loses its leader. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has announced that he is stepping aside as the company’s chief executive and will dedicate himself, as the world’s richest person, to other things. Amazon is experiencing another key moment in its unstoppable expansion with the boom in online shopping during the pandemic.
  • WTF art. From a glass of water for 20,000 euros to a diamond skull. We review with examples the sins of contemporary art, and its sinners.

Everything is politics

  • If you are interested in the sociopolitical component of the Spanish copla and revisit with a critical eye the “soundtrack of our grandmothers”, there a podcast highly recommended: ‘Oh, Bells’.

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