“We all run a risk when exposed” – La Provincia

Almudena Rodríguez / Handball player

“It was normal; we were all at risk by being exposed”

“With the situation we lived in, the postponement of the competition was normal. We and the rest of the athletes were taking a risk by exposing ourselves. It’s screwed because we were all very excited and we knew that the fans were looking forward to us after the world runner-up.”

Tasty Angel / Handball Referee

“It is the best decision; nobody would understand that they were kept”

“Obviously it is sad news, but expected. With the global crisis we are experiencing, no one would understand that Tokyo 2020 should be maintained. It is the best decision. I hope that all those who planned the withdrawal will endure one more season to be able to say goodbye after the Games” .

Patricia Cantero / Regatista

“We have the square and we maintain it; the first thing is health”

“If they are postponed, it is a shame, although well, we already have our place and it remains, that is not a problem. Whatever the Games are, we will go. Yes, we break our schemes a little, but well, health is the first thing , move forward and keep the shape as we can. “

Elena Melián / Synchronized swimmer

“It bothers, but it is a lesser evil because many people die”

“On the one hand, it’s fine because we should have reached the highest level at the April Olympic qualifying and we weren’t going to be able to do it, even though they had postponed it to June. Bummer, but it’s a lesser evil because a lot of people are dying around the world.”

Dani Sarmiento / Handball player

“It’s a shame because we had qualified directly”

“It is clear that the best thing for everyone would be to postpone it. First, because the athletes are not going to be able to arrive in the best conditions, and second, for everyone’s safety. It is a shame because we had qualified directly for the first time in history” .

Enhamed Enhamed / Swimmer

“The athletes were not going to be able to compete to the maximum”

“It would have been foolish for them to be celebrated. The Olympic spirit, and therefore the Paralympic, is that athletes compete in the best possible conditions, and it was not going to be like that. It suits me well because I returned in 2019 and any extra time it’s good”.


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