“We accept that there is no alternative to all injustices and inequalities”

Lidia Falcón, president of the Feminist Party of Spain, presents today at the Public Library of the State, in the capital of Gran Canaria, her book ‘The philosophy of deceit’. Through this work, the author portrays her vision of capitalism, and reflects a system that hides behind expressions such as freedom, democracy or common sense, a whole series of deceptions that mask the injustices and inequalities of the current world.

What is ‘The Philosophy of Deception’ and how was it created?

For a long time I was preparing this book as a result of reading and following the statements, speeches, interviews and gatherings of the great philosophers of our country, politicians and journalists explaining to us what the world we live in is like, the capitalist system that we have. It is about deceiving ourselves into telling us that the capitalist system is the best in the world, that in reality it is the only one that can be accepted, and that everything we have organized in our country is very good, both the democracy we have and the economy , health or education. They are organized by the powers that dominate us for our happiness, comfort, and if we don’t see it that way, we are either stupid or bad. I am bad because I began to analyze his speeches and compare them with reality.

And what is that reality that he reveals through the book?

The book analyzes all those discourses on ideology that the dominant powers are transmitting to us, to tell us that this is the best of all possible worlds. And so we accept a whole series of injustices and inequalities that we have to suffer, but with the idea that there is no alternative. Naturally, once the socialist world collapsed and was filled with slander and lies, nobody can wish for it. Now, economic inequality is advancing, we have that emptied Spain where even the internet connection does not reach, we have a pile of shacks where there is no electrical connection, as is the case of La Cañada Real near Madrid. From here on, I analyzed the various speeches, the one on democracy, freedom or the politics of common sense that is now repeated so much, as well as the king’s speech because it seems that the monarchy has saved our lives and freedom. With this script I was compiling a whole series of statements and laws that have been imposed on us, with which they want to hide a reality of inequality, exploitation, misery, and persecution of the oppressed classes and women.

“Today ideology is considered as something bad, there is no class struggle, what Franco could not have achieved has been achieved”


What alternatives do you propose?

There is no alternative but socialism, although now we cannot build it, because we must distribute wealth in an equitable way, according to the maxim of giving to each according to their needs and taking from each according to their capacities. That is true justice, true equity. What we are living in is an unfair world, where 10% of individuals own half of the country’s wealth, and that is data that is published.

What are the bloodiest lies that are hidden, in your opinion, behind expressions such as freedom, democracy or the common good?

To start today, ideology is considered a bad thing, you do not act out of ideology, but because you are a human being. Some are good, others are bad, there are no social classes, there is no class struggle, some are simply taller, others shorter, some richer and others poorer. When the Franco regime was implanted in power, it wanted to abolish the class struggle, and what Franco could not achieve because there were many uprisings, is now being achieved in democracy. Ideology is in the way, and it is said that action is taken to achieve the common good. This phrase from the scholastic philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas has now become fashionable again, the common good is written by journalists, politicians, teachers … It is like a mantra that they keep repeating. Then there is the discourse of democracy, and I explain in the book the electoral system that we have here, how it is organized so that the same people always win. Make no mistake, when power is shared between the PP and the PSOE, it is being shared between two tendencies on the right, and nothing else.

And what do you think of the discourse of freedom, very widespread in Madrid?

It is a very appreciable speech. In my book, I begin that chapter with some phrases from Don Quixote, where he says that for freedom you should risk your life if necessary. But what freedom are we talking about today, if it turns out that they apply it to the freedom to prostitute themselves, to manufacture children in the bellies of poor women who are paid something and then keep the child. And now freedom is choosing sex, we are no longer men and women, each one can be whatever they want and it all depends on our fantasy. Here we enter what they say is the politics of common sense, a chapter that has been a lot of fun because politicians say that they act from common sense, without ideology in the future project. And I make a story of the moments when common sense has nonsense. Ultimately, the deception consists of repeating concepts, phrases and speeches, which are all the same in addition, where those who send us promise to deal with our problems and misfortunes through speculations, fantasies such as common sense, that the Ideology does not exist, and now democracy solves everything for us. And then I talk about the monarchy, about the European Union that is so important for our present and our future and of course the discourse of the genre with which I end, through which we go to transhumanism.

“The feminist movement is frozen in street actions, we have made no progress”


What moment is the feminist movement going through, increasingly fragmented?

The feminist movement has been frozen in street actions, demonstrations, meetings, but from here to having political influence, to really change the world, there is an enormous distance and we have not advanced anything in many years. Poverty is advancing and the feminization of poverty has become entrenched, it has become chronic, women are those who earn the least, those who live in the worst conditions, violence against women is terrible, they are murdered, raped, sexually exploited, and the The feminist movement has been paralyzed for 43 years, taking to the streets from time to time with a banner, and then going home. The proposal of the Feminist Party is to have political influence, that we can influence what is legislatively approved, in executive action, in the election of members of the judiciary. Now we are irrelevant, we only have the right to protest, and it seems that with that they have already settled.


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