Water supply resumes in Mexico City

Water supply resumes in Mexico City

With 24 hours delay due to adjustments in a piece in the water system that supplies Mexico City, the supply to the Mexican capital resumed today after four days of cutting, the water authority informed today.

The National Water Commission (Conagua) indicated that this morning, shortly after 08:00 local time, "the procedure to supply water in block was restarted" to Mexico City and the State of Mexico, which concluded the work of maintenance of the Cutzamala System, in charge of distributing water to the capital.

A constant rain that occurred in the area where the system is located in the State of Mexico and the adjustments and the placement of the piece caused the delay of the repairs, which began on Wednesday morning

The director of the Conagua, Roberto Ramírez, said on Saturday that the system would enter a recovery phase for the next three days in which the supply will be gradually reintegrated until reaching 100% in the Mexican capital.

He explained that the water would take to reach the deposits in Mexico City for a maximum of six hours and then the distribution to the houses will begin.

With the suspension of supply, some 5 million citizens in thirteen of the sixteen city halls of the Mexican capital and a dozen municipalities in the state of Mexico were affected.

The water cut this week is the longest suffered in Mexico City since the system was implemented in 1982, although interruptions in supply are common in some municipalities, such as Iztapalapa, with around two million inhabitants.

The massive water cut forced schools and work centers to suspend and reduce activities to allow a series of works of the imposing Cutzamala System, which is located in the state of Mexico.


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