June 21, 2021

Watches that let you know if your child is in danger or needs to contact you | Technology

Watches that let you know if your child is in danger or needs to contact you | Technology

Locate your child at all times, talk to him on the phone or find out if he is in danger. Although at first sight the smartwatches for children they may look like simple watches or children's toys, they are really complex electronic devices that open a huge range of possibilities. In addition to multiple games, many of them have a camera, GPS location, step counter and even telephone connection. Most smart watches on the market are aimed at children between five and 12 years old. Next, several smart watches are analyzed in the market.


XPLORA is a Norwegian company whose mission is "to connect families allowing children to explore and experiment in a safe environment". To achieve this, they have recently launched the market in Spain the smartwatch for children XPLORA 3S. This smart watch costs about 200 euros and has a camera, step counter and GPS location. It also allows minors to make and receive calls and SMS from up to 50 contacts previously configured by parents.

To guarantee the safety of minors, this smartwatch It has an "SOS" button. When pressed, the exact location of the child is immediately sent to the parents. The watch also has preconfigured security zones and a school mode. Parents can set their children's school hours to deactivate the reception and sending of calls and SMS. In that time, only the location and the SOS function will be active. In the event that the child leaves the perimeter of the configured school, notifications will also be activated.

Alcatel MoveTime

The Alcatel Move Time it is, according to its creators, "a clock with 2G connection so that parents can rest easy". Unlike other smart watches analyzed by EL PAÍS, this does not have games for children to entertain. East smartwatch, that costs about 50 euros, has a built-in GPS so it allows parents to know where their children are at any time. They only have to consult it in an application that they must download in their smartphone. They can also configure alerts and a security zone to receive notifications in the event that the minor leaves.

In addition to knowing the child's location, parents can contact him. The watch has a SIM card so the father can call the child directly and talk to him. The minor can also contact their parents as the device can store up to ten contacts and offers the possibility of calling five of them. This is a good measure to prevent the child from making a call without parents noticing, as explained the portal The best smatwatch. In the event that the minor is in danger, simply activate the SOS tool, which with a simple touch sends warnings to up to 10 previously selected contacts.

Clan Watch

The Clan Watch is a smart watch for children over six years of age that is geared towards children's play and learning. It has calendar, alarm, timer, music player, reminders and calculator. It also has a integrated camera that allows you to take pictures and record short videos. The images can be edited and customized with various effects, and sent through bluetooth. In the same way you can send pictures, text and voice messages and make calls with a series of authorized phones in a contact list.

Some watches violate the privacy of minors

There are some smart watches that can be a threat to the safety and privacy of children. The German Federal Internet Agency banned in 2017 the sale of smartwatches for children who have a function that allows "espionage". This tool is especially controversial and intrusive because it allows parents to hear what happens in the child's environment. Therefore, it can pose a threat to the privacy of both the child and the people around them, as it is very likely that they have no record of being heard.

According to the portal The best smatwatch, which analyzes different smart watches in the market, they are not authentic calls because they are made by bluetooth and with a limited scope. That is, they can not call if they move away from your mobile, so they have to be within 8 meters of you. However, it has the responsible parent mode, which allows you to enter in the watch in the ICE Emergency application relevant data of the minor such as a contact telephone, blood group or allergies.

The clock, which costs about 70 euros, allows to monitor daily activity, since it has an accelerometer that interprets the movements of the child and offers data on distance traveled or number of steps. It also includes a voice translator in 10 languages and games like the three in line, the snake or to sink the fleet. Some are interactive and the child has to move to get a good result.


OkyWatch is a smart watch designed in Spain It costs approximately 80 euros and is intended for children between six and 11 years. It works with a SIM card and has a built-in GPS that allows parents to locate the child. Parents can delimit security zones and receive notification in their smartphone as long as your child leaves the marked area. The device also allows them to communicate with the child at all times through a call or by voice or text messages. Its creators say on the website that the device "ensures both the independence of the child and their own safety."

For emergencies, the watch has an SOS button, from which the child can send their location and call three different phone numbers until one of them responds. From the parental control application of OkyWatch, parents can turn the clock on and off and set emergency numbers and the calendar – with the 10 numbers that can communicate with the clock. It is also possible to set alarms and class schedules in which the OkyWatch will not disturb the child.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

VTech Kidizoom is one of the most popular smart watches for children today, as explained by the Smartwatchzone portal. This option does not have GPS and it is recommended for those parents whose priority is not to know where their son is at all times and to be able to communicate with him.

Instead, the device includes a personal trainer with a pedometer, two cameras, a calendar and a calculator. You can buy from 35 euros and has many skill, logic or adventure games, which can be activated or deactivated by parental control or set a limit of playing time per day. The manufacturer of educational electronic toys VTech advises its use to children between four and 12 years and has added to the device a learning function of reading the time -the smartwatch It has 55 customizable digital and analog clocks.


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