October 24, 2020

Washing, sewing and ironing is going to end

M. j. pérez-barco Telelavo was born by mandate and necessity of its own clients. It is the evolution of an original family home service business and for other companies led by Héctor Strumbo, the founder of what is today this artisanal laundries network, “the first in the world,” he says. “Years ago our customers told us that they did not want to do the laundry, or go to self-service laundries or dry cleaners,” he recalls. So Strumbo, his family and his team began to develop Telelavo, a complete laundry service, handcrafted and at home: they collect the garments, remove them – “if necessary with Lagarto soap and a wooden board,” Hector defends. They wash, dry, repair seams – “from a button, an unstitched to the tomato of a child’s sock”, he details -, iron and deliver again at home within a maximum period of 48 hours. “The whole process is carried out by artisans who give quality, they are trained people,” says Strumbo. On the right, Héctor Strumbo, founder of Telelavo, with his team “We save time and money for our clients,” he says. And this is how he illustrates it: “a domestic washing machine consumes 62 liters of water, we wash 7 laundry with 100 liters,” he says. There is more: «The hour of domestic cleaning costs at least 10 euros. If a couple has to hire a person to solve the laundry, it would be at least two hours a week, that is, 80 euros a month. We have a flat monthly rate of 79 euros per month with a weekly laundry, which includes everything from jeans, to sheets, towels, etc … ». there are also rates for 59 and 69 euros. With only two years in the market, Telelavo already has more than 20 workshops and 3,500 people use its services. The service performs an individualized treatment for each garment, uses 100% ecological products and good technology. “This makes it possible to extend the life of our clothing by up to 30%, depending on the material and quality of the garment,” says Strumbo. «We do not mix colors; If the garment is not correct, we wash again; we have wet washing for suits, duvets, coats, party dresses … and we deliver a disinfection certificate », he details. The network of artisanal laundries is already present in communities such as Madrid, Andalusia and Murcia, and foresees 40 new openings throughout the national territory by 2020. “Each Telelavo has a capacity of 350 homes and is a profitable business for those who want to franchise”, Strumbo says. In fact, interest in setting up these laundries through franchises has come from Poland, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Morocco, Mexico, the United States, France, Argentina, Senegal and even from the distant Philippines. .

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