Was the expulsion of Drag Vulcano fair in Drag Race Spain?

Drag Vulcano with her look inspired by Cristina la Veneno
Juan Pedro Leon

Charisma, talent, authenticity and ... versatility. All those adjectives are apparently necessary to be a Drag Queen "elite"However, this last concept has been the most discussed in social networks after the broadcast of the second episode of Drag Race Spain The last Sunday.

The responsible? Drag Vulcano and its characteristics platforms. The only representative of the canary drag art He was expelled from the first Spanish edition of the famous American talent show after questioning his versatility by not "getting off" from their platforms.

"We would like to see you in another registry, off the platforms," ​​he said. Javier Calvo. The rest of the judges, among whom was the close friend of Cristina the Poison and guest of the week, Paca the Piranha, they nodded without being aware of what those words would provoke between the Canary Islands drag community. Since the broadcast of this second chapter, social networks have been filled with messages of support for the first finalist of the Drag Queen Gala of the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2020 and of accusations of 'tongo' to the organization and producer of the Atresmedia program.

“I can get off the platforms and get on some heels. I can be versatile enough to do platform drag or high heel drag; But if I have to get off my platforms and get on heels, why don't the others have to get on platforms and get out of their heels? Do we want versatility in all of them or do they just want it in me?”. That was how blunt it was Isidro Pérez (Drag Vulcano), after the jury's criticism of her look in homage to Veneno. The Javis, Supremme Deluxe, Y Ana Locking they questioned the versatility of the Canarian drag, raising blisters throughout the archipelago's drag community. Not without first showing surprise and interest in his 'look' at the time of parading down the catwalk. Curious, to say the least.

Not even his own companions could believe it. But, Was the expulsion of Drag Vulcano really fair? If we read the opinions on social networks, we quickly realize that the majority of followers of the program do not agree with the decision.

It is true that Vulcan He hadn't had many moments of prominence on the show until his expulsion. One of his companions could even be heard saying at the beginning of the episode: "Wow, but if Vulcan speaks and everything", perhaps giving a glimpse of what would happen later. This, added to the mediocre execution of your team In the weekly main challenge, he was able to play against him.

Analyzing the 'looks' of the queens, all inspired by the figure of Cristina la Veneno and the trans movement, Vulcan is clearly ahead of Arantxa Castilla La Mancha and Hugáceo Crispiente, who tried to give a more experimental approach to the theme of the catwalk. Despite this, the drag style of the Gran Canaria was questioned by the continued use of platforms in their looks, something typical of the drag art in the Canary Islands. Many colleagues from Galdense have confessed to feeling despised and undervalued by the program they admire, since they seem to value one style more over another for no reason other than ignorance and ignorance of the Canarian drag tradition and history.

Why is one required to change their platforms for heels and not the opposite to the rest of the participants? Is there really a more valid style of drag than another? Sadly, the Drag Race Spain judges they seem to be clear about it. And, once again, the remoteness and little knowledge of the Canary archipelago has played against Vulcan.

It is known to all the followers of Drag race that the expelled and winners are always chosen under total subjectivity of the person in charge of the edition (in the case of Spain, by Supremme Deluxe). And, although there can always be discrepancies, the decisions of the professional jury are usually respected because they refer to the contestants improvement areas. The real problem with the expulsion of Vulcan is that it has been based on his style as an artist, thus denigrating the drag movement of the entire Canary Islands; relegating him to a lower rung of the "elite" drag art… If that really exists.

In a program in which it is presumed to diversity and acceptance can't fit the discrimination due to ignorance. The canary drag art it has been a pioneer in Spain and, as such, it should be respected. If no one told Sagittaria that she will stop going out half-naked on stage, why is she being asked to Vulcan to get off their platforms?

Controversy and drama are served. And you, do you think Vulcan deserved the expulsion? He is clear about it.


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