Warm Fashion Gran Canaria dazzles in Florence

One of Elena Morales's creations, yesterday, in Florence.

One of Elena Morales’s creations, yesterday, in Florence.

The four designers of Warm Fashion Gran Canaria participating in the International Fair of Maredamare Swimwear, In Florence, yesterday they presented their collections on the catwalk, in which they dazzled with a more Mediterranean-inspired and adventurous woman in the case of trends for 2022 or the Glam style of Pedro Palma, who traveled with his 2021 collection, reports the cabinet insular.

All of them have also made various business contacts in the exhibition space in which they participate these three days, organized by the Institute of Foreign Trade. “Several buyers have approached being interested in the brand, the style, the trajectory and we have agreed to continue exchanging information” he explains Pedro Palma about. Cello Clo stresses for its part the contact with a possible distributor in Italy, as well as possible orders directly to the store, while Elena Morales placeholder image, had about five or six potential clients and an agreement already closed in the Italian region of Bari. In addition, while at the Fair, he has received the invitation to participate in the one in Frankfurt, one of the most important in the sustainable fashion sector to which Morales belongs. Finally, like trout with trout, it highlighted the interest of a possible Russian client, very attracted by its color palette, in addition to other possible agreements in Italy.

“The assessment is positive, in addition, we must bear in mind that it is the first time we come, and at fairs constancy is valued, because it generates more confidence in buyers, so we had to start and now we have to keep these expeditions” , valued the Minister of Industry of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, Minerva Alonso.

In addition to the exhibition space, the four firms yesterday had the opportunity to parade their collections on the catwalk. In the case of Pedro Palmas, It was about ‘Glam’, the collection that she presented at Swimwear Fashion Week last October, inspired by the latest evolution of this artistic and aesthetic movement.

The other three firms, meanwhile, have arrived in Florence with their trends for next year 2022. Thus, Chela Clo presented on the catwalk in Florence a more cheerful proposal than last season. A collection of 15 swimsuits divided into two parts, one with a more marked DNA, of retro modernist designs and contrasts with acid colors and geometric shapes that make up the brand’s hallmark, and another more Mediterranean part, with warmer tones that come together. each other in jungle designs.

For its part, the 2022 collection of Como la trucha al trucho, called ‘Damajuana’ is inspired by the woman of Mediterranean and adventurous character and presents a series of comfortable and versatile pieces with a color palette that dances between yellows and different shades of peach, combining these warm with sky blue and with patterns in which the use of waves and organic curves is used.

Regarding the collection of Elena Morales placeholder image 2022, ‘Bilitá’ -which means “happy dreams” in the Bantu language of southern Africa- was born from shared trips and the freedom to live the summer passionately, and includes a versatile and functional style with tailored tones and a combination of prints and plain colors that fill this new line of the brand with harmony.

The world’s largest showcase for swimwear

The 14th edition of Maredamare renews its commitment to an increasingly expansive vocation thanks to the participation of the best brands of swimwear, kaftans, accessories, home clothes and underwear in an exhibition area of ​​11,000 square meters. An average of 300 mid- or high-end brands exhibit at Marchamare, making it the only Italian showcase in the beachwear and underwear sector.

In addition, Maredamare has obtained the International Fair qualification, confirming its solidity as the only Italian fair dedicated to the beachwear, accessories and underwear sector and today it represents the meeting point between the best clients and the most qualified companies: from the best known brands to the newest.


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