Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Warcry: “The heavy, with other supports, will multiply” – The Province

The first edition of the Rock Scene festival congregates this Saturday, February 15 in IFEMA to the most granada of the heavy country, with such illustrious names Warcry, Howitzer, Wildebeest, Saurom, Leo Jimenez, Dark Moor and Lèpoka.

A weight poster that acquires even more relevance by having announced Warcry an indefinite break after this pass through Madrid, who will be the last until who knows when. “We don’t know how long it will be,” vocalist Víctor García admits to Europa Press. “It’s been many years. The problem is work dynamics, which has become a bit monotonous and that’s not the best for creativity, or for anything in life, in fact. So the idea is to take a breath, “he continues.

The singer jokes to recognize that they could have stopped “without saying anything”, but they felt a little pushed by that continuous presence in social networks that now seems obligatory: “You know how the followers of the groups are, they were going to be missed.”

Confess at this point true feeling of “uncertainty” about the future, more than anything because “you’ve been doing something so long that stopping is complicated, it’s a strange decision.” “Having nothing on the horizon becomes weird,” he says after almost twenty years of Warcry.

“All the bands of the Rock Scene are huge”Víctor remarks focusing on this weekend event in the capital, organized by Planet Events, a great promoter not usual in the world of harder rock or heavy.

This seems to the vocalist “a clutter of ideas” that goes very well “to the heavy to get rid of that legend a little black and try to normalize things. “” I hope it comes out fantastic so that this does not stop happening, “he adds.

And he still adds: “In the past you could still talk about drugs, alcohol or an outrageous audience that broke things … We do 18 years this year and from almost the beginning, when we talk to promoters, room owners and even those who have to sweep, they always tell us that heavy public is a wonder compared to Other styles”.

Network Tracking

Víctor then grants a certain cornering of heavy at the moment – despite which Warcry has 345,000 followers on Facebook, 50,000 on Twitter and 62,000 on Instagram – so he says: “The good thing that we have all the heavies bands is that already we have it, we know that we depend on ourselves, something that is not bad within what fits. “

“It is also true that with other supports and platforms we would multiply. We cannot get to where other groups of other styles arrive, but we have an audience that follows the records, which listens to a lot of music. Everything has a pro and a contra, you have to live according to the times and manage, “he reflects.

The vocalist then shares an anecdote about the perception that people can have about heavy metal: “I play soccer in a team of veterans and a 27-year-old colleague let me know that without hair you can’t be heavy. And I I replied ‘but there are 200 groups of bald people!’ has nothing to do with it. “

“What there was will not see again,” he admits, yes, about the popularity of a genre that lived its splendor between the late seventies and eighties of the last century: “Space-time is important. There is a film now, ‘Yesterday’ is titled, which is very entertaining. But I have my doubts that the Beatles’ music will work today as it did at the time. “

Therefore, he states that “every rock or heavy concert, whatever the size, is a small victory“And finally, he encourages attending the Rock Scene because it is a” surely unique “opportunity to” enjoy “all these bands together.” It’s a cartelazo, really, “he concludes.


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