War in Ukraine | FIFA will expel Russia from the big internationals, including the World Cup in Qatar

War in Ukraine |  FIFA will expel Russia from the big internationals, including the World Cup in Qatar

The FIFA will announce the exclusion of Russia the Qatar World Cup 2022 after the recommendation made this Monday by the IOC to the federations and the organizers of competitions so that "do not invite or allow the participation of Russian or Belarusian athletes or officials"In none of them.

As confirmed by EFE, FIFA plans to communicate in the next few hours the suspension of Russia, which will prevent the participation of its team in the World Cup in Qatar, for which it still had to play the last European qualifying phase.

The measure proposed by the IOC and already adopted by international federations of other sports aims to "protect the integrity of competitions world sports and the safety of all participants.

FIFA already announced on Sunday, after a meeting of its Council Bureau, a series of measures against Russia for the invasion of Ukraineamong them not any international competition is played in its territory, in addition to vetoing its flag and its anthem. According to these measures, Russia could only play under the name "Russian Football Union (RFU)" and its matches as a local team would be played on a neutral field and without an audience.

The Russian team has pending dispute the playoff to opt for one of the three European places that still remain for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Their first match was scheduled for March 24 against Poland at home. In case of overcoming it, he would face, again in his field, the winner of the duel between Sweden and the Czech Republic on March 29.

So far the federations of England, Albania, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Norway, Scotland, Switzerland, Sweden, France and Wales have announced that they will not face Russia in any competition and category.

FIFA reiterated on Sunday, after the first measures against Russia, his condemnation of the use of force by the Russian army in its invasion of Ukraine. "Violence is never a solution and FIFA expresses its deepest solidarity with all those affected by what is happening in Ukraine," he noted. He also made "a new call for peace to be restored urgently and for an immediate constructive dialogue".

"FIFA remains in close contact with the Ukrainian Football Association and members of the Ukrainian football community who have requested support to leave the country while the current conflict continues," he added.

On the 25th and after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine, the UEFA already decided that St. Petersburg do not host the next Champions League final on May 28 and chose the Stade de France in Paris as the new venue for the competition. It also ruled that Russian and Ukrainian clubs and national teams competing in UEFA tournaments must play their home games at neutral venues until further notice. It is expected that in the next few hours the Russian team Spartak Moscow will be removed from the round of 16 of the Europa League, in which it was paired with the German Leipzig.

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