"Wanted dead or alive"

An image of Pablo Iglesias with a bloody face. A bullseye that is aimed at the center of your head or your body. And the caption "Marquis shooting season" or "Wanted. Dead or alive." They are the t-shirts that a store sells online and that the Facua consumer association has reported to the Prosecutor's Office, as reported on its Twitter account. The store also sells other garments with laudatory messages towards the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal.

Anti-terrorist units investigate the threats while the Government warns that "will not stop" until I find the authors

Anti-terrorist units investigate the threats while the Government warns that it "will not stop" until it finds the perpetrators

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"Faced with their hatred, their provocations and their threats, the democratic response to fascism will be a massive and civic electoral mobilization on May 4," Iglesias said in a message on Twitter after hearing the news.

The website that sells the shirts, as revealed by Facua's spokesman, Rubén Sánchez, is estoesespana.es, whose legal information indicates that it is located between the United Kingdom and Hungary, with data that could be false. The store also has a Facebook page with the slogan: "T-shirts and sweatshirts for patriots and military." Precisely in a section of the web that collects photographs of customers with their products, some images with weapons appear.

The discovery of the store and the complaint coincide with the wave of death threats directed against different politicians, among them Pablo Iglesias, and that have shaken the electoral campaign in Madrid. The candidate of United We Can, as well as the Minister of the Interior and the director of the Civil Guard, were recipients of letters that "sentenced" them to "capital punishment", that is, to death.

The notes included four large-caliber bullets, the kind used in long-distance assault or precision rifles, and are considered real threats by the police. In fact, the investigation has been commissioned to the Madrid Provincial Information Brigade and the Civil Guard Information Service, two anti-terrorist units.

The letters motivated the denunciation of almost all the political formations that are presented to the elections. But from Vox they questioned their veracity, even suggesting that it is a setup perpetrated by the Government itself. The rejection of Rocío Monasterio to specifically condemn the threat, and to rectify its allusions to the veracity of the threats, provoked the plant of Pablo Iglesias in a debate on the SER network, which was followed an hour later by the PSOE and Más Madrid candidates, Ángel Gabilondo and Mónica García.

Subsequently more suspicious letters have been received. The Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, was the recipient of an envelope with a knife inside. The person who sent it to him, a resident of El Escorial (Madrid), had also sent another envelope to the deputy of EH Bildu Jon Iñarritu and identified himself as Vox follower in messages to Maldita.es.


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