Wall Street rises and the Dow adds 800 points for the approach to the peak of COVID-19

Wall Street opened this Monday with its main indexes in green and with gains of 3.80% and some 800 points in the Dow Jones of Industrialists due to the prospect that the United States is gradually approaching the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. .

Five minutes after the start of operations on the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones advanced 799.79 points specifically, standing at 21,852.32, boosted especially by large listed companies such as American Express (10.61%) and Goldman Sachs (6 , 74%).

The selective S&P 500 rose 3.64% (90.50 points) to 2,579.15, and the Nasdaq composite market index, which brings together major technology companies, rose 3.49% (257.07 points), until 7,630.15.

The New York Stock Exchange posted significant gains spurred by the change in tone at White House press conferences on COVID-19 and the possibility that the United States may be approaching the peak of the pandemic after some of the data disease measurement have begun to undergo a slight stabilization.

Likewise, the slowdown in deaths and infections in Europe also inspired some optimism in the park, which complemented this news with the first decrease this Sunday in the number of deaths in New York City, epicenter of the crisis, compared to the previous day. .

In general, investors have shown a slight sense of enthusiasm to see a trend change in the spread of the virus and hope that this will reverse economic growth in the medium term, although it is still early for full confidence in the markets that The worst is over, which could lead to some volatility on the New York Stock Exchange.

The United States, which for a week has been the country most affected by the pandemic, already has 337,971 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 9,654 deaths and 17,582 people recovered, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

In addition, the gains on Wall Street are also explained, according to experts, by the hope that an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Russia on the energy front that stabilizes oil prices will soon be closed, although in recent days there have been some tensions between these powers.

At this time, assets considered safe as the yield on the 10-year Treasury bond stood at 0.654%, and the ounce of gold experienced a significant rise to stand at $ 1,674.20.

All of the top 30 listed Dow Jones Industrials were on positive ground.

By sectors, also all in green, the gains of the financier (6.11%), the raw materials (6.02%), the public services (5.36%) and the technological (5.31%) stood out. .

In other markets, Texas oil was down 3.42%, to $ 27.37 per barrel.


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