April 14, 2021

Wall Street opens with significant losses and the Dow Jones falls more than 1.5%

Wall Street opened the trading session on Wednesday with significant losses and the Dow Jones of Industriales, its main indicator, registered a drop of more than 1.5% after a decrease in the profitability of the bonds, which increase fears of a global decline in the economy.

At 09.49 local time (13.49 GMT) the Dow Jones was left 2.20% or 572.17 points and was located at 25,457.35 integers, although minutes later managed to recover some of the lost land and traced back to 25,626.90.

The selective S&P 500 fell by 1.19% one hour after the opening of Wall Street, and the composite index of the Nasdaq market slipped 0.82%.

In a sharp initial decline in Wall Street, the New York parquet increased on Wednesday the losses recorded in August due to a significant decrease in the profitability of 10-year treasury bonds, which fell back below 1.6% with the fear that the trade conflict between China and the US I ended up affecting the global economic rhythm.

So far this month, the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 have declined more than 5%, while the Nasdaq has dropped nearly 5.8% in a tendency for investors to withdraw their funds from Wall shares Street to invest in other securities.

Gold, for example, rose early Wednesday to highs of the last 6 years, above 2.5%, silver rose by about 4%, and the bitcoin reference cryptocurrency advanced almost 6%.

Oil was also affected by the negative trend of the day and lost 3.65% to $ 51.6 a barrel, thus reaching lows of the last seven months.

Fearing of a slowdown in the US economy, whose commercial confrontation with China has increased in recent days, joins the precautionary positions of several countries around the world, such as India, New Zealand and Thailand, which have interest rates declined to try to boost economic activity.

The US Federal Reserve Last week, he already took a turn to his monetary policy with the first reduction of interest rates in ten years to reactivate growth, in a sign of recognition of global weakness.

The New York parquet began the week in red after the reactivation of the conflict between the two powers on Friday, when US President Donald Trump threatened with 10% tariffs on Chinese products valued at 300,000 million dollars that have not yet They are taxed with additional fees.

The rates, announced unexpectedly for September 1 after concluding a negotiation round in Shanghai, discouraged the markets and were not well received by the Chinese Government, which in turn promised reprisals that on Monday were already visible in the currency of That country.

Among the 30 values ​​of the Dow Jones, Disney's strong declines stood out, which on Tuesday presented results that disappointed investors and that on Wednesday fell 5.36%, followed by JP Morgan Chase (-3.10%), 3M ( -2.60%), and Glomand Sachs (-2.50%).

It was saved only from the red Procter & Gamble, with a shy rise of 0.10%.

The financial sector was the most affected by the bad day, with a decrease of 2.62%, followed by the energy sector (-1.71%), and the industrial sector (-1.44%), while that of raw materials ( 0.11%) was the only one that remained in positive territory.

In the currency market, the dollar lost ground against the euro with a change of 1.1235.

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