Wall Street falls for fear of the coronavirus and the Dow Jones loses 969.58 points

Wall Street closed Thursday with heavy losses and a fall of 969.58 points (-3.58%) in its main indicator, the Dow Jones of Industrials, with the markets again dragged by fear of the coronavirus and lowering to a minimum Historical 10-year Treasury bond yield, which reached 0.899%.

At the end of the session in the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow erased a good part of the almost 1,200 points that had risen on the eve, standing at 26,121.28 integers, and among its 30 listed companies, United Technologies (-9.06 %) and Boeing (-8.04%).

The selective S&P 500 fell 3.39% or 106.18 points, to 3,023.94; and the Nasdaq market composite index, which brings together the most important technology companies, yielded 3.10% or 279.49 integers, standing at 8,738.59.

The New York parquet has been operating with volatility since the beginning of the week and there have been notable oscillations in the Dow Jones: on Monday it had a record rise of 1,290 points; on Tuesday he lost 786 and yesterday Wednesday he won 1,173.

The Vix index, known as the fear indicator in the market, shot up almost 27% today.

This Thursday, the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus once again generated pessimism, even after the half-point reduction in the interest rates dictated by the Federal Reserve on Tuesday, and the more than $ 8 billion in emergency funds approved by US lawmakers to fight the pathogen.

Wells Fargo analysts published on Thursday a report on the impact of the coronavirus in a “global pandemic scenario” favorable to the US, but noting that “projections for certain economies are outdated in a matter of seconds as they are confirmed new cases “.

“Among the countries that have relatively less exposure to a global pandemic, according to our metrics, the US stands out among advanced economies, particularly on the demand side,” say analysts, who also consider the Latin American region as little exposed to coronavirus

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has met this week with managers of pharmaceutical companies to ask them to accelerate the search for a vaccine, and also with those of the main airlines of the country, which are being harmed by a low demand and taking steps to address it.

Precisely today the declines in the airlines American Airlines (-13.44%), United (-13.25%) Southwest (-3.58%), Delta (-7.20%) or Jetblue (-10.81) %).

By sectors, the most affected was the industrial one, with a fall of 4.96%; the financial, 4.88%; and that of non-essential goods, 3.77%.

In other markets, the price of the intermediate barrel of Texas fell by 1.9% and stood at $ 45.90; and at the close of Wall Street, the yield on the Treasury bond dropped to 0.915%, gold rose to $ 1,672.80 an ounce and the dollar fell against the euro, which changed to 1.1234.


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