Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

Waiting for Messi | sports

It is not easy to get used to Messi's absence on the football field and his presence in the media, probably because he earned his status as the best player in the world playing and shutting up, at Camp Nou and also in Argentina.

Right now you still don't know very well when you will play Barça again. He doesn't do it since the lost Cup final in Sevilla against Valencia and he has not set foot in a field since he was expelled on July 6 in the Copa América. Indoctrinated as he had to Barcelona, ​​able to dispute the friendlies and even ask the coach to include him in a list of summoned for an inconsequential match because he preferred to be in the locker room than on the couch, cIt is hard not to see him in training with Valverde.

Life without Messi is getting very long, too, more than anything porque that injury he suffered on August 5, just when the team packed to go on tour to America, it seemed little; the unbelievers even interpreted it as an excuse to avoid the trip to Miami. After a few days precisely images were distributed in which he was seen kicking and announcing in some way a triumphant return against Betis. And then it happened that the recovery slowed down and, from what has been known by Messi himself, he resented so much that no one can assure if his reinstatement will occur before in the Champions League or in the League.

More than a hundred days without putting on the Barcelona shirt weighs like a conviction, especially since the team has already deducted five points in the League and everyone knows that the lineup and the game plan are pending the return of Messi. Barcelona will be ordered in the field according to what the captain wants and can do, which is not very clear if his last matches with the Albiceleste and his own statements about his form form are taken into account after this newspaper You will discover that you reserve the possibility of leaving the club on June 30.

It is no threat but Messi wants to see how he is during the season since he has already turned 32 and also wants to know if he will play with a team competitive enough to win the Champions League. The same player It was explained in an interview with the newspaper ‘Sport’ which gives a lot of play and reflects the situation because most of his statements are followed by a "but": "This is my house and I don't want to leave, but I want to win." Messi explains that he does not know if the directive has done everything possible to sign Neymar – rather it seems that it doubts it -, understands that yes that with the Brazilian they would have been better equipment; He is skeptical and distant with Griezmann and complains about the lack of a clear sports policy in the technical secretariat, a position for which he is firmly committed to Puyol.

At the end of the day, he wants the club to generate the best conditions so that titles can be won, an objective that on the other hand is not easy or guaranteed as it could be seen last season in Anfield, day in which the defeat was responsibility above all of the players and the coaching staff and not of the board no matter how much the template could be badly done. In any case, the words of Messi, vindicating in Argentina and Barcelona, ​​add pressure to the directive and himself: the two sides must give their best version and above all coincide in their interests, without any suspicion.

After all, Messi does not support losing and acts as if he were a partner willing to break his card if things are not done well, nothing more; He doesn't want to extend a blank check to Bartomeu. Until now it was said that the president ended his term in 2021, the same year the captain's contract expired. Well, not necessarily; Messi can go in 2020. The Argentine, who does not want to be used electorally, forces the board to do well while he wants to own his destiny. Just when the Barcelona has long since devolved to not put deadlines on the goodbye of Messi, and does not sleep thinking about how the team and the club will be without the 10, the Argentine has anticipated saying: we must not rule out that it can be in Nine months, like a birth.

Used to see Messi in the opposite area, he has now turned around and points to his own without knowing very well what he intends to do and how his story will end.

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