Waiter: "El Guaguas has always been characterized by duels and impossible battles"

Waiter: "El Guaguas has always been characterized by duels and impossible battles"

Waiter celebrates a point. / c7

The yellow coach analyzes the important game this Saturday, starting at 6:00 p.m. at the CID, against CV Teruel in which the Gran Canarians hope to achieve the first great comeback in their recent history

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Sergio Camarero considers that «
we are improving, we have been making a lot of progress for a month and a half and we know that it is a match ball, we have to win yes or yesi the party
we face it with that difficulty that we have a good team in front of us, that is going to come here to surprise us. We have the court factor and, above all, with the public that always supports us a lot. We have to give everything, be attentive in the important moments and, above all, enter the field with a lot of grit and a lot of spirit.

“This could be the great occasion to achieve our first great comeback in our recent history. The Guaguas has always been characterized by taking on impossible duels and battles. The team is predisposed to do it. We know it's going to be tough, that we're going to have our chances and we have to give it our all.
Saturday, for us, is a final. The support of the public will be fundamental, I believe that we will be able to carry out the match with our fans pressing», he added.

The Gran Canaria coach believes that «
now it's time for the CID to tighten. We have given many joys and many of them have been because of the public. The players, the coaches, they all need the public. We must all be one and fight and fight until the end to be able to get the match together. I am one of those who think that when a match is won, everyone wins; public, players, coach, everyone.

They played very well on their court, everything is very balanced and they are playing at a good level. We know that they are going to come for everything, that they are going to make things very difficult for us. We will do exactly the same, then each one at the time of playing we will see how the game is planned and how it is evolving », he argued.

Waiter is very clear that «
Saturday is a final and whenever we appeal to the fans they come and support us. For us it is a great final and we hope that our fans come and cheer us on, because we really need it. If we achieve something, it is truly thanks to them, to our fans.

«Andrés Villena is a great player, we all know that. The first match he played at his level and we hope that he will do the same here because he is a great player. But we know that if we do things well and do our job, we also have great players. We are going to try to give our best and control what is in our power, but knowing that they have a good team and will play their game », he concluded.

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