February 26, 2021

Wage inequality, in figures

SALARY DIFFERENCE 21,012 euros is the gross salary that women receive compared to 24,009 euros that men receive. Almost 5,800 euros separate the payroll charged by both CHILDREN AND OCCUPATION 19 points The arrival of children has a different impact on professional careers. The employment rate is 86.7% among men with children, compared to 68.1% for women, almost 19 points. UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 18.33% Women have an unemployment rate of 18.33% compared to 14.17% of men, four points difference. You have to go back to 2007 to see a greater difference PART TIME 76% of employed women have a part-time shift, the variable that most influences low wages, compared to 42.45% who have it full-time, according to the EPA EXCESSES 92% of the people who requested leave to take care of children in 2020 were women, who dedicated 38% more hours to caring for children and family members, according to acierto.com PENSIONS 420.8 euros The average pension rose to 1,170 in 2020 euros. But women received an average of 816 euros per month compared to 1,237 that men received. The gap in this case is 420.7 euros CUT IN MATERNITY 15,500 euros The new maternity allowance punishes all working women with two or more children from pensions of 15,500 euros per year. The cut reaches 73% in higher pensions.

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