VW Navarra raises a “preventive” ERTE for possible supply problems

The management of Volkswagen Navarra has announced the possible request for a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) of a “preventive nature” in view of the possible problems that may arise in the supply chain in the next few days due to the coronavirus.

To this end, it has convened on Thursday the Trade Union Follow-up Commission, in which all the trade union organizations are represented in the factory, to begin the negotiation process that leads to the request of this ERTE.

According to the management, the Landaben factory works “for the moment with total normality”, but it has advanced to the unions that want “to be prepared for a possible problem of supply cut of some supplier”.

At the moment, the “most worrying” situation is that of some Italian suppliers, who are in one of the areas most affected by the coronavirus in the transalpine country, although, like Volkswagen Navarra, they are still working normally for the time being.

The address warns that “ERTE’s request does not necessarily imply that it will be carried out” and that “it is only a ‘preventive mechanism’ so that it could be applied without delay at the time when Volkswagen Navarra would be forced to temporarily suspend its activity. “

The constitution of the negotiating table will take place next Monday.


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