July 27, 2021

VW develops a quantum traffic management system that will test in Barcelona

VW develops a quantum traffic management system that will test in Barcelona

Volkswagen (VW) announced today that for the first time it has developed a traffic management system in a quantum computer, which would allow a better use of fleets of vehicles for public transport and that could become one of its commercial services.

VW added that they want to test the system in Barcelona (Spain) before its commercial launch.

The system uses anonymous movement data, transmitted by mobile phones or vehicles, "to calculate traffic accumulations and the number of people involved, that is, potential passengers," VW said in a statement.

The optimization of this data is done with a quantum algorithm that can solve "highly complex tasks, such as traffic optimization, much faster than conventional supercomputers, and, in some cases, the solution is only possible with quantum computers."

According to VW, the use of quantum computers for traffic management will mean that "taxis and buses that wait a long time for passengers or travel long distances without passengers would be a thing of the past".

Taxi operators could reduce their operation without passengers and public transport companies could add more vehicles on a route that had higher demand.

VW added that it is considering offering the traffic management system with quantum computers as one of its commercial services.

"We want to gain a deep understanding of the applications of this technology that can benefit the company," said Florian Neukart, the principal scientist of Volkswagen's CODE laboratory in San Francisco.

Among these applications is "the optimization of traffic, since public transport organizations and taxi companies in large cities are very interested in managing their fleets more efficiently," he added.


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