VW Committee agrees on a document with proposals for return to business

The Volkswagen Navarra Works Council has unanimously agreed on a series of proposals to the document delivered this Monday by the management of the multinational before the possibility of gradually returning to activity from April 20.

The management of Volkswagen Navarra communicated this Monday to the committee that studies the possibility of starting on April 20 the gradual return to productive activity, if the legislative conditions that allow it exist and if the supply chain of the factory is available, both national as well as international.

Given this announcement, as reported in a statement, the workers’ representatives have agreed on a document that includes health and technical and organizational measures, while also stressing that “the maintenance of both permanent and eventual workforce will be guaranteed, the duration of the established contracts “.

Among the proposals related to health are issues such as signing on the lathe, but entering through the barrier to avoid contact and there, taking the temperature and issues related to washing clothes, as well as the request for disinfecting mats at the entrance of the workplace and the increase in PPE in jobs that are dirtier due to their work.

They also propose the mandatory use of screens or safety glasses to avoid contagion through the eyes or the placement of specific containers to get rid of PPE, provide bottles of water for all personnel who want to hydrate without having to go to the machine and signal the spaces for smoking with safe distances.

The committee also plans to enable more buses complying with the distance measures set by the authorities charged by the company, guarantee the receipt of parts free of coronaviruses and, as far as possible, the acquisition of the COVID-19 detection test.

In the organizational sphere, they propose to enable the necessary time for the collection of PPE and precise material before starting work; clarify the necessary supporting documents and how they must be delivered; Address family reconciliation or propose a progressive exit with the option to sign from the end of the activity to avoid crowds.

The demand for information on the rules and procedures is among the union demands, which also affect the training and daily monitoring of the situation by the safety committee and the requirement of compliance with the protocols to the suppliers.

The cleaning section considers it “essential” for the proper development of the start of the activity, so it is necessary to present and supervise the plan established for this period by the health and safety committee and carry out a cleaning of tools and tools.


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