March 7, 2021

VTC licenses increase 19% so far this year and exceed 15,300

The number of licenses for rental vehicles with driver (VTC) has exceeded the figure of 15,300 at the start of July, which shows a growth of almost 19% so far this year, with the provinces of Madrid (8,033) , Barcelona (2,073) and Málaga (1,488) at the top.

Since December 2018, the number of VTC licenses has increased by more than 2,400 despite the restrictions that have been introduced in some territories and that have ended with the departure of some of the major platforms such as Uber and Cabify.

On the contrary, the number of taxi licenses has fallen since the end of last year by 4% to 63,216, or what is the same, has been reduced by more than 2,700, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Development.

With these data, the number of taxi licenses in Spain is now four times higher than that of the VTC.

Analyzing the data by provinces, Madrid is still the one with the highest number of VTC licenses, with 8,033, more than half of the total and close to 26% more than at the end of 2018.

In the case of the taxi, Madrid has 15,619 licenses, 24% of the total, and 46 more than at the end of 2018.

Thus, the ratio between VTC and taxi licenses has been reduced to close to 2 in the province of Madrid.

Behind is Barcelona, ​​although unlike Madrid here the number of VTC licenses has been reduced so far this year in 190 to 2,073.

Note that both Uber and Cabify announced their departure from Barcelona after the entry into force of the new regulations of the Generalitat, although the second returned months later after adapting its business model to the imposed limits.

The ratio in the case of Ciudad Condal is a VTC license for more than five taxi.

The third province with the most VTC licenses is Malaga, which has 1,488, 23% more than it had at the end of 2018.

Above the 200 VTC licenses are Alicante (370), Seville (233) and Baleares (209).

The provinces of Soria, Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife are the only ones that do not have any VTC license, while in Zamora only one was counted.

In the case of taxis, after Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the province with the most licenses is Valencia, with more than 3,000, followed by Málaga (2,683); Balearic Islands (2,483); Santa Cruz de Tenerife (2,343) or Seville (2,316).

By autonomous communities, after Madrid, Andalusia is the second with more VTC licenses, a total of 2,312, ahead of Catalonia, which has 2,220.

The communities with less licenses are Castilla La Mancha (67), Navarra (94) and La Rioja (95).

As for the taxi, Madrid also leads the classification, with 15,616 followed by Catalonia, with 12,889, and Andalusia, with 9,108.

For their part, those with less taxi licenses are La Rioja (166); Navarra (436) or Cantabria (515).

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